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[Minor revision–posted 11/16/18 (replaces 9/18/07 edition)]
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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 32.28: Faculty Applicants Not Holding Doctoral Degrees in Departments/Areas Requiring the Doctorate

DATE: November 16, 2018

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to ensure understanding and a standardized approach for faculty applicants who have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree except for the dissertation (ABD) in departments/areas requiring the doctoral degree.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in November of odd-numbered years by the Senior Vice Provost with substantive revisions presented to the Provost and Senior Vice President by December 15.


1.  Emphasis is to be maintained on acquiring properly qualified faculty.

2.  For those prospective faculty members who have completed all requirements for the doctoral degree except the dissertation ("ABD") in departments requiring the doctorate, the following policy is to be followed:

a.    If selected for appointment, each selectee is to be informed in writing that the appointment is only temporary until all requirements for the doctorate have been completed. If the appointment is for full time with the rank of assistant professor, the temporary appointment is tenure acquiring. The request for appointment is initiated by the department chairperson and recommended by the dean of the instructional school or college and by the graduate dean. In the case of research personnel, the principal investigator recommends the appointment to the chairperson. At the time of appointment, official faculty transcripts, curriculum vitae, and proof of authorization to work in the United States must be routed with the electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) through the Office of the Provost to Human Resources. It is the responsibility of the department chairperson or area coordinator to which the faculty member is appointed to obtain the official transcripts and the vita from the faculty member. Official transcripts for all instructors of record (all faculty ranks) are to be on file.

b.    The chairperson of the department of appointment will systematically review the temporary appointee's progress toward completion of the doctorate.

c.    If the doctoral degree is not completed within a period of either one or two years following the original appointment, the appointment will be reevaluated and the appointment may be terminated.

d.    Salary will be assigned based on the initial appointment, with an increment when the degree is completed. For additional information on faculty qualifications and faculty appointments and titles, see OPs 32.02, Faculty Non-reappointment, Dismissal, and Tenure Revocation, and 32.17, Faculty Appointments and Titles.

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