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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 61.21: Room Numbering Standards

DATE: January 30, 2024

PURPOSE: This Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) establishes a standard university procedure for room numbering. This OP is necessary to ensure compliance with codes and to maintain university construction standards as required by the state Legislature and the Board of Regents.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in September of odd-numbered years by the Managing Director of Planning and Administration with substantive revisions forwarded through the Associate Vice President for Operations and the Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning & Construction to the Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance and Chief Financial Officer.


The policy and procedures outlined in this document are designed for consistency in room numbering, with some flexibility for special cases. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) requires that all rooms be identified by a unique alphabetic or numeric code. Consistency and accuracy are important for the purposes of emergency signage and ease of wayfinding for first responders in the event of an incident. This comprehensive plan meets the university's needs and supports room numbering standards.


1.  Room Numbering

a.    Floor plans for all construction (regardless of scope) will be numbered by Operations Division Planning and Administration (ODPA). Construction documents in the form of a CAD (.dwg) file will be submitted to ODPA (see attachment) no later than the 95 percent construction review of a project, where applicable, or before construction begins. ODPA will return the .dwg file within two to four weeks with room numbers assigned.

b.    A building's rooms will be renumbered if the building has any renovation that impacts the agreed flow of numbering as determined by ODPA, has numerous cumulative changes, or is in violation of codes and/or policy.

c.    For any renovation, the Facilities Planning & Construction (FP&C) and/or Operations Division Planning and Design project manager will include the renumbering and re-keying costs within the renovation budget and submit a copy of the plans to ODPA prior to the start of the new construction or renovation project.

d.    All room signage must be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

e.    Existing buildings will not be renumbered to comply with this policy if no other work is planned.

2.  Emergency Action Plans (EAP)

When room numbers are changed, added, or updated, the posted emergency action plans are affected. The creation and installation of new EAP signs will be considered in the signage package of all building changes and construction projects.

3.  Sign Ordering and Installation

The new signs will be the university standard for signs and directories. Refer to OP 61.20, Interior Signs on Buildings and Facilities, for the types.

4.  Other Signs

a.    OP 61.03, Posting Notices on University Property

b.    OP 61.19, Freestanding Exterior Signs for Projects under $2 Million

c.    OP 61.20, Interior Signs on Buildings and Facilities

d.    OP 61.22, Exterior Signs on Buildings and Facilities


Attachment: Room Numbering Request Form

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