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User Guide: Published Works of C.S. Peirce

This third edition of The Published Works of Charles Sanders Peirce and the accompanying A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Published Works of Charles Sanders Peirce with a Bibliography of Secondary Studies appears in digital format on the website (pragmaticism.net) of the Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism, College of Arts and Sciences, Texas Tech University, Lubbock. The first and second edition of the Published Works (PWcsp) and the included Comprehensive Bibliography (CB) were published in microfiche (PWcsp) and book (CB) format.

The method of preparation for this digital edition involved first, transfer of the microfiche images of the second edition of PWcsp to Portable Document Format (PDF); this process was undertaken by Institute members Jerry Dozoretz and Joseph Ransdell. The transfer process introduced some poor images which will be corrected as the process of installing the website continues to unfold. Our intention is to make available now the usable images while the process of upgrading all images is in process. Also, in this version we will eventually introduce some recent additions to the currently known list of Peirce's publications.

Users will also find a HTML based index of the PDF images in this version; this index will allow clickable access to images in PWcspD for corresponding bibliographic identification numbers in CB. The bibliographic numbering system used in CB will continue in effect here. It would be useful to read the frontmatter of CB to become familiar with the conventions employed. (There are no images provided for bibliographic items in the secondary section of CB; these more recent items are usually routinely accessible through standard library methods.)

We request that persons using these resources in research works refer to item location as PWcspD while including the appropriate URL.

The following is a suggested use pattern for PWcspD: View or download the Comprehensive Bibliography by clicking HERE. Within the Comprehensive Bibliography, identify the item being sought, either as a "P" number or as an "O" number. Then in the List of P and O numbers found HERE, click on the P or O number to obtain the desired image.