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"So then, the writer, finding his bantling 'pragmatism' so promoted, feels that it is time to kiss his child good-by and relinquish it to its higher destiny; while to serve the precise purpose of expressing the original definition, he begs to announce the birth of the word 'pragmaticism,' which is ugly enough to be safe from kidnappers.”

Charles S. Peirce

Doing Interdisciplinary Science and Humanities aims to enhance our ability to observe and develop critical literacy in the pursuit of understanding knowledge gained in different disciplines.

We understand the study of Pragmaticism primarily as the study of the history and application of scientific thought and methodology. Our Institute has a long record of national and international research presence; it has achieved its rank through hard and sustainable scholarly work in its most genuine form. An utmost priority of our research activity is to connect the long history of the Institute's work on Peirce to young scholars. By giving access to Peirce's work through research and publications, the institute also seeks to further enhance the research ranking of Texas Tech University among higher education institutions.

Contacting or Visiting the Center

The Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism is located on the third floor of the Texas Tech University Library in Lubbock, Texas, United States of America.

Contact: Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism
Texas Tech Universty, Lubbock, TX 79409-0002
Tel. 806.742.3128

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If you are planning to visit the Institute by car, there are multiple parking options available. There is a pay-to-park lot next to the Texas Tech University Library building. If you are new to our campus, you can also stop at a parking entry booth to request directions and a guest parking pass during normal university business hours.


The Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism was founded in 1971 at Texas Tech University in Lubbock with a modest grant. It was conceived by the then vice president for Academic Affairs, Charles S. Hardwick and Professor Kenneth L. Ketner. The founders and donors have helped Texas Tech to be part of an American intellectual treasure: the work and thought of Charles S. Peirce, a physicist, mathematician, logician and engineer, one of the greatest interdisciplinary scientists in history.

Its mission is to facilitate study of the life and works of Peirce and his continuing influence within interdisciplinary science. Shortly after it was established, the founders put together a comprehensive collection of Peirce's works for broad research interests:

  • Peirce's unpublished manuscripts (80.000 pages)
  • over 800 published articles by Peirce as a microfiche collection, as well as
  • a comprehensive bibliography of the published works of Charles Sanders Peirce with a Bibliography of Secondary Sources keyed to an online database of Peirce's publications.

Today, as the first and oldest organized Center on Charles S. Peirce's work, the Institute Archive includes several collections and is supported by several Endowments that serve its purpose.

Our academic family invites you to scholarly engagement, as we believe in academic integrity and strive for national and international cooperation.

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