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Science does not advance by revolutions, warfare, and cataclysms, but by cooperation, by each researcher’s taking advantage of his predecessors’ achievements, and by his joining his own work in one  continuous piece to that already done. - C.S. Peirce

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Charles S. Hardwick Endowment: The Institute is grateful for the Hardwick family's continuous friendship and generosity. We were delighted to welcome Karen (Hardwick)-Bell and her husband, Rick Bell, to the Institute and share our ongoing research activities with them. Special thanks to Karen, Kam, and Kay Hardwick for their generous donation to the Institute's Charles S. Hardwick Memorial Endowment.Charles S. Hardwick was the co-founder of the Institute and served as Vice-President of Academic Affairs at Texas Tech University. With the Hardwick Fellowship, the Institute supports graduate students in the vital phase of their research project.