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Cross-Disciplinary Colloquium

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About the Colloquium

The primary aim of the Doctoral/Master Colloquium is to provide a collaborative space and intellectual network for doctoral/master students in a community of learning to foster disciplinary/and cross-disciplinary dialogue.

The Colloquium stands for presentation and discussion of the graduate's ongoing Thesis research; it is more than an ordinary academic gathering, conference, or workshop on a graduate level. It helps to learn how to interact with fellow scholars and experience the immediate benefits of cross-disciplinary exchange.

The specific knowledge of each discipline is the core strength of the cross-disciplinary gathering. Sharing the harnessed knowledge with peers opens up new research perspectives and propels creativity for discoveries.

*Premium Colloquium Members have priority access to special awards and scholarship programs.

Colloquium Application

Charles S. Peirce Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship

Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship applications are now open for all doctoral level programs and disciplines at Texas Tech University. The purpose of this fellowship is to enable young researchers to focus on and enhance the interdisciplinary nature of their studies.

Call for Applications (.pdf) | Fellowship Details (.pdf)