Texas Tech University

Financial Advocates

ansleigh  Ansleigh Brister - Level Lead

    Classification: Undergraduate
    Expected Graduation: December 2021
    Hometown: Livingston, Texas



Why did you join Red to Black? I joined Red to Black to help my peers get a jump-start on their personal financial lives.

Career Goals: I plan to become a Certified Financial Planner in order to help individuals live a financially healthy life.

Interests: Outdoor activities and sports, good food, reading, and learning


BoaKye  BoaKye-Yam Boadi - International Team Lead

    Classification: Ph.D. Student
    Expected Graduation: August 2023
    Hometown: Ghana



Why did you join Red to Black? I joined Red to Black Peer Financial Coaching to help educate college students about their personal finances.

Career Goals: To become an owner of a financial planning firm.

Interests: Research, teaching, swimming and playing tennis


Landon  Landon Deal

    Classification: Undergraduate
    Expected Graduation: May 2022
    Hometown: Aurora, Colorado



Why did you join Red to Black? I joined Red to Black because I want to further develop myself within the Personal Financial Planning Community here at Texas Tech University. On top of also gaining experience by working within the program, I want to be able to share my passion for Financial Planning with those around me.

Career Goals: Graduate from Texas Tech University with my bachelor's degree in Personal Financial Planning. Establish my career with a Financial Planning firm, while studying to achieve my CFP and Series certifications. My long-term goal is to open up a Financial Planning Firm once I've gained adequate experience and relationships throughout my career.

Interests: Texas Tech Football, hiking and music.


Andrew  Andrew Lamis - Financial Education Week Chair

    Classification: Undergraduate
    Expected Graduation: May 2022
    Hometown: Fort Worth, TX



Why did you join Red to Black? I joined Red to Black because I wanted to get real world experience using what I have learned in class before I start a career as a financial planner. I have also always enjoyed helping people however I can and Red to Black gives me the chance to do that along with learning how to be a financial planner. 

Career Goals: My career goals are to achieve a degree in Personal Financial Planning, earn my CFP designation, and become a financial advisor. I want to be in a career where I can help people, and financial planning gives me the opportunity to do that.

Interests: Baseball, golf, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.


OJ  Ohireime Ojeomogha

    Classification: Ph.D.  Student
    Expected Graduation: December 2024
    Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria



Why did you join Red to Black? I had a strong desire to be involved with an organization that was keen on helping to educate individuals about having good financial habits so that when they see the results, the lessons would be taught to others. This would cause a ripple effect over time and eventually results would show that there is an increase in financial literacy and application of good financial habits which in turn would have a good effect on the economy.

Career Goals: I would like to be a Certified Financial Planner before the completion of my doctoral degree. Post-graduation, I would like to apply my knowledge in the field and practice as a financial planner.

Interests: I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, dancing, creative writing and attempting to learn new languages.


Ichchha  Ichchha Pandey

    Classification: Ph.D.  Student
    Expected Graduation: May 2023
    Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal



Why did you join Red to Black? Working with people who are solely involved in financial planning field gives an opportunity to learn how to take care of yourselves financially and then teach others how to do the same.

Career Goals: I want to get into Academia and become a financial planning practitioner.

Interests: In my free time I enjoy reading novels and traveling.