Texas Tech University

Team Leads


Prince  Prince Bosompim, FCCA, MFE, MaCC - Research Lead

    Classification: Ph.D Student
    Expected Graduation: Spring 2025
    Hometown: Accra, Ghana



Why did you join Red to Black? I believe Red to Black offers an opportunity to help students from all walks of life make effective financial decisions. However, many students lack this life skill. One of my professional goals is not only to be part of such a reference program as Red to Black but also to put new knowledge and skills from my doctoral program into practice to help others achieve lasting financial well-being.

caleb  Caleb Hoopes - Events Lead

    Classification: Undergraduate
    Expected Graduation: May 2024
    Hometown: Stilwell, Kansas



Why did you join Red to Black? I joined Red to Black to help students understand their financial questions and create healthy money habits that they can use their whole life.