Texas Tech University

Student Scholarship


This award recognizes students who have demonstrated the characteristics of an engaged student both in and out of the classroom. The first-year is a pivotal experience for students; the experiences in this year serve as the impetus for future success. This award serves to commend students for navigating the transition into Texas Tech University successfully.

Recipients of this award will receive up to a $500 scholarship, contingent on funding availability.


Recipients for this award should have:

  • Become an actively engaged member of the TTU community (e.g., student organizations, leadership roles, service)
  • Demonstrate academic achievements throughout the first semester
  • Serve as a positive role model for their peers enrolled in the course

Guidelines for Submission

Instructors should write a brief letter of support (approximately 500-750 words) for their student nominee that addresses the guidelines above, including specific examples as to how the student exemplified these characteristics.

Submissions must be received by November 4th. Submissions may be sent electronically to raiderready@ttu.edu.