Texas Tech University

Anthropology Undergraduate Program

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The anthropology program reflects the broad scope of the discipline, including the three areas of archaeology, ethnology, and biological anthropology. Well-equipped laboratory facilities support faculty and student research in all three subfields.

A student majoring in anthropology must complete 34 semester hours in anthropology, including 10 hours of introductory-level coursework, 3 hours of theory, 9 hours of foundational courses, and 12 hours of electives. The introductory courses include ANTH 2100, 2300, 2301, and 2302. All majors are required to take ANTH 3316 as the theory course. Students are also required to take a foundational course in each subfield: ANTH 3310 or 3311 (biological anthropology); ANTH 3339 (ethnology); and ANTH 3343, 3344, 3347, 3348, or 3350 (archaeology). The remaining 12 hours are upper-division elective courses within the program. Students must complete two writing intensive courses within the discipline. A maximum of 9 hours of transfer credit may be accepted for the major. With prior departmental approval, 3 advanced hours in a related discipline may be counted toward the major. Anthropology majors must make a grade of C or better in each ANTH course. Up to 6 hours of individual studies and 6 hours of field courses may be credited to the major.

Forensic Anthropology Concentration. The department offers a concentration in forensic anthropology for students seeking the notation "Forensic Anthropology Concentration" on their transcripts. The concentration requires five 3-hour courses (15 hours) with a grade of C or better from the two following groups:

  • ANTH 3303, 3314, 4343 (required core courses)
  • One course chosen from ANTH 3350, 4320, 4341
  • One course chosen from ANTH 2308, 3350, 4320, 4341; GIST 3300; GEOG 3301 (if you have not already taken the course)

The anthropology major with a concentration in forensic anthropology requires a total of at least 34 hours of anthropology courses. Students must receive a grade of C or better in each course that counts toward the forensic anthropology concentration. The minimum prerequisites recommended for all advanced courses are ANTH 2100 and 2300 or consent of instructor.

A minor in anthropology consists of 18 hours, with at least 6 hours in upper-level courses. No more than 6 hours of transfer credit will be accepted for the minor. Students seeking a minor in anthropology must make a grade of C or better in each ANTH course.

Anthropology courses provide distribution credit in three areas of the core curriculum (language, philosophy, and culture; social and behavioral sciences; and life and physical sciences) as well as the university's multicultural requirement. In addition, anthropology courses fulfill a variety of humanities and social science requirements in other colleges of the university. Students in these colleges should check with advisors in their major departments to learn which anthropology courses fulfill their college and core curriculum requirements.