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To be considered for the SI Leader roles, candidates will need to complete the SI Leader application (recommendations are optional). E-mailed applications and optional recommendations can be sent to si.soar@ttu.edu or william.s.lopez@ttu.edu.

Fall 2024 Positions Available:

Course Course Name
ACCT 3304 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 3307 Taxation
BIOL 3320 Cell Biology
ENGR 1330 Computational Thinking w/ Data Science
ECO 2301 Principles of Economics I
FIN 3320 Financial Management
MATH 2450 Calculus III
MBIO 3400 Microbiology
MBIO 3401 Principles of Microbiology
ZOOL 2403 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
ZOOL 3303 Pathophysiology
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List Updated: June 13, 2024

For other courses not listed, please contact Will Lopez at william.s.lopez @ttu.edu


  • Current undergraduate student at Texas Tech University
  • 3.00 cummulative GPA from Texas Tech
  • Must have completed at least one semester at Texas Tech
  • Earned "A" for desired SI Course from Texas Tech
  • Must be able to communicate and work in a collaborative enviornment

Job Duties:

  • Attend all lectures for the SI course. SI Leaders will have the opportunity to choose the section that best fits with their schedule.
  • Hold two 90 minute weekly review sessions on campus during the afternoon, and evenings. SI Leaders will have the opportunity to choose when their SI Session days and times are.
  • Send weekly e-mails to students in the SI course.
  • Meet monthly with faculty partners to discuss SI sessions.
  • Attend training at the beginning of the semester (2 days of paid training for new SI Leaders, 1 day of paid training for returners)
  • Attend at least two paid professional development opportunities during the semester.
  • Complete three hours of weekly prep time in the SI office. New SI Leaders are required to complete three hours of prep time in the office, while returning SI Leaders are required to complete two hour of prep time in the office.


  • Enhance communication and public speaking skills
  • Partner and collaborate with TTU faculty and SI Leaders
  • Deepen knowledge of the subject matter for graduate school, medical school, or workplace experience
  • Improve time management skills
  • Develop presentation skills
  • Have a dedicated space to study and work
  • Professional development opportunities each month to grow as a person, student, and a professional


What is an SI Session?

An SI Session is peer led group tutoring for historically difficult courses at Texas Tech. They are led by a Student who recieved an A in the course they are running a Session for, and are typically held in the eveniongs on-campus.

What can I expect from the mock SI Session process?

A mock SI session is a part of the interview process after an applicant has submitted all of the required documents. The three to five minute presentation will be on a topic of the applicants choice in the course they would like to SI for. We would also ask that the applicant prepares a one to two page handout on the topic that they will present on.

When can I apply to be an SI Leader for a course?

You can apply for any course you have previously taken and recieved an "A". SI Leader positions are available for certain courses on a semester by semester basis, and not every course is open each semester.

What are qualities, attributes, and skills are you seeking in candidates?

SI is looking for candidates that meet our core values, can communicate in a global society, and are good academic role models. The core values for SI, as voted on by our SI Leaders are approachability, collaboration, empowering, encouraging, and engaging. 

Is there a deadline for applications?

There is not a deadline for the SI Leader applications. Each semester a priority deadline for SI Leaders to be considered for that semester. However, all SI Leaders are placed before the school year begins, and must attend mandatory training before the semester starts. 

SI Leaders may be interviewed/hired during the semester, these are decided on a case by case basis.

Are SI Leaders allowed to choose the days and times of their Sessions?

SI Leaders are allowed to choose the days and times of their sessions. Sessions typically start after 4PM, and end by 9PM. Some SI Leaders also choose to have their sessions on Sunday for reviews, and in some classes on a regular basis. There are no SI Sessions on Friday and Saturdays.

Some options for Session times arelimited due to room availability and possible conflicts with other Sessions.

Are SI Leaders allowed to choose the SI Class they would attend?

SI Leaders can choose which SI course they would like to attend, depending on their schedule your options may be limited. In courses with multiple SI Leaders, the SI Staff might make a special requests to attend certain class section(s) based on SI Leader coverage.