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Faculty Partners


This page is for faculty and departments that would like to have Supplemental Instruction for their courses. We hope that this will provide you with more information about our program. For additional partnership questions or concerns, please contact Will Lopez at william.s.lopez@ttu.edu or at 806-834-1476.

How can I get an SI Leader for my course(s)?

SI is always looking for new partnerships with faculty and departments. Supplemental Instruction is generally provided for courses that have an overall enrollment of 200 or more students, and where there are a high number of Ds, Fs, or withdrawal rates from the course. Please contact Will Lopez at william.s.lopez@ttu.edu or at 806-834-1476.

What can I expect from a partnership with Supplemental Instruction and the SI Leader?

Faculty members are not required to work with SI Leaders. However, we would encourage them to meet with the SI Leader on a monthly basis. Supplemental Instruction requires all SI Leaders to attend training, e-mail students weekly about their sessions, and the SI Office provides quality assurance to make sure that their sessions meet the standards set by the SI Office. The SI office provides quality assurance through mid-semester surveys sent to all students that attend SI Sessions, end of semester surveys, and observations of SI Leaders.

How are SI Leaders selected?

SI Leaders must earn an A in the course from Texas Tech that they would like to be an SI Leader for, submit an application, and two recommendations to be considered for the SI Leader position. SI Leaders must be able to communicate effectively and present material in a way that is understandable. The SI Office will request interviews with candidates and have them perform a mock SI Session to simulate their performance in an SI Session.

Can I recommend students to serve as an SI Leader?

Yes, we would like to work with students that you recommend. All recommendations must go through our application process. We cannot guarantee that all recommendations will be hired, but make every effort to work with students that are recommended by faculty.

Do I have to recruit and train the SI Leader assigned to my course?

The SI Office will do the recruitment and training of SI Leaders. If no recommendations are submitted by the instructor, we have the ability to e-mail eligible students for SI Leader positions and can use other recruitment strategies.

The SI Office provides an intensive two day training session with new SI Leaders for the fall and spring semesters. The topics covered during the two day training process are Generation Z, facilitation skills, classroom management techniques, study skills and other academic strategies, how to create handouts, e-mailing students, and team building exercises.

What quality assurance processes do you have?

Throughout the semester the SI professional staff facilitates the observation process, mid-semester surveys, and end of semester surveys to ensure the SI Sessions meet the office standards. These opportunities give the SI Leader the opportunity to receive feedback from several points throughout the semester.

Does the SI office provide student data to faculty partners?

Certain data may be shared with faculty partners, although this does not include the list of students who have attended SI Sessions. The SI office may provide the faculty partner (upon request) the attendance and average attendance of the SI Sessions. At the conclusion of the semester (when grades are posted), the SI staff may provide a breakdown of the total number of students attending SI Sessions for that semester, and the performance of students attending the SI Sessions compared to the students that did not attend an SI Session.