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Dear Perspective Applicant,

Thank you for interest in becoming a Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader! We are always looking for students who have a passion for helping other students, and enjoy explaining material in an innovative way. For more information about SI, please click here. Additionally, this webpage has information about the SI Leader application process, frequently asked questions, and all of the forms needed to apply.

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Each semester we have numerous openings in math, chemistry, and other sciences. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications even though openings might not be available at this time, but could be in future semesters. There is no official deadline for our applications, however we like to have all of our SI Leader placed before the semester begins.

If you have any additional questions, then do not hesitate to contact me either via e-mail at william.s.lopez@ttu.edu, or 806-834-1476.


William Seth

Supplemental Instruction Assistant Director


SI Leader applications, student assistant applications, and recommendations will be only accepted by e-mail to si.soar@ttu.edu or william.s.lopez@ttu.edu. Please e-mail Will Lopez to discuss any open SI Leader or student assistant positions.   

SI Leader Application
SI Recommendation Form

Student Assistant Application

SI Leader Information Session

There are no more information sessions this semester. Please check back in during the fall 2021 for information session times and dates for spring 2022 SI Leader positions. Contact Will Lopez at william.s.lopez@ttu.edu for additional information about SI Leader or student assistant positions.

Fall 2021 Positions Available:

No positions for the Fall 2021 semester are currently available. A list of open positions for the Spring 2022 semester will be available during the first week in November.

For interest in positions in future semesters, please contact Will Lopez at william.s.lopez@ttu.edu.


  • Current undergraduate student at Texas Tech University
  • 3.00 cumulative GPA from Texas Tech
  • Must have completed at least 30 college credit hours
  • Grade of "A" for desired course assignment received from Texas Tech
  • Must be able to communicate and work in a collaborative environment

Job Duties:

  • Attend all lectures for the SI course. SI Leaders will have the opportunity to choose the section that best fits with their schedule.
  • Hold two 90 minute weekly review sessions on campus during the afternoon, and evenings. SI Leaders will have the opportunity to choose when their SI Session days and times are.
  • Send weekly e-mails to students in the SI course.
  • Meet monthly with faculty partners to discuss SI sessions.
  • Attend training at the beginning of the semester (2 days of paid training for new SI Leaders, 1 day of paid training for returners)
  • Attend at least one professional development opportunity during the semester.
  • Complete one or two hours of weekly prep time in the SI office. New SI Leaders are required to complete two hours of prep time in the office, while returning SI Leaders are required to complete one hours of prep time in the office.


  • Enhance communication and public speaking skills
  • Partner and collaborate with TTU faculty and SI Leaders
  • Deepen knowledge of the subject matter for graduate school, medical school, or workplace experience
  • Improve time management skills
  • Develop facilitation skills
  • Have a dedicated space to study and work
  • Professional development opportunities each month to grow as a person, student, and professional


What is the SI Leader Application Process?
All potential applicants must submit a completed application and the two recommendations. Please note for fall 2021 SI Leader applications, only one recommendation is required from someone who has known the SI Leader candidate for a year or longer.  After these documents are received the SI office will contact applicants they are interested in interviewing.

What is a mock SI Session?
A mock SI session is a part of the interview process after an applicant has submitted all of the required documents. The three to five minute presentation will be on a topic of the applicants choice in the course they would like to SI for. We would also ask that the applicant prepares a one to two page handout on the topic that they will present on.

What qualities, attributes, or skills are you seeking in candidates?
SI is looking for candidates that meet our core values, can communicate in a global society, and are good academic role models. The core values for SI, as voted on by our SI Leaders are approachability, collaboration, empowering, encouraging, and engaging. 

What are the documents needed to complete the application?
The documents needed to complete the application are the completed application form, and two recommendations. The recommendations can either be the SI recommendation form, or two letters of recommendation. Please note for fall 2021 SI Leader applications, only one recommendation is required from someone who has known the SI Leader candidate for a year or longer.

Is there a deadline for applications?
There is not a deadline for the SI Leader applications. However, all SI Leaders are placed before the school year begins, and must attend mandatory training before the semester starts. 

Where can the applications be turned in?
All of the forms can be turned in electronically to Will Lopez at either william.s.lopez@ttu.edu or si.soar@ttu.edu.

Can I turn in the application and recommendations at different times?
Yes, the application and recommendation forms can be turned in at different times.

Are SI Leaders allowed to choose the days and times of their sessions?
SI Leaders are allowed to choose the days and times of their sessions. Sessions typically start after 4PM, and end by 9PM. Some SI Leaders also choose to have their sessions on Sunday for reviews, and in some classes on a regular basis. There are no SI Sessions on Friday and Saturdays.

Are SI Leaders allowed to choose the SI class they would to attend?
SI Leaders can choose which SI course they would like to attend, depending on their schedule. In courses with multiple SI Leader, special requests can be made to attend certain sections.