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What is Supplemental Instruction?

Supplemental Instruction is a PEER-LED free tutoring service within the Support Operations for Academic (SOAR) department at Texas Tech.

Who can use Supplemental Instruction?

All currently enrolled TTU students can attend Supplemental Instruction Review SI Sessions. Students that are not enrolled in an SI course, and want to attend an SI session must e-mail si.soar@ttu.edu.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No appointments are needed to attend an SI Session. SI Leaders will e-mail students with the times, days, and locations of their SI Sessions. If you have not received an e-mail from your SI Leader, and would like to request more information if SI is offered for your course, please e-mail si.soar@ttu.edu.

How do I know when, where, and what time SI Sessions to my course are offered?

All students in a course where SI is offered will receive an e-mail from their SI Leader each week with the dates, times, and locations of SI Sessions. These e-mail lists are updated periodically throughout the semester, but if you have not received an e-mail from your SI Leader and would like to be included please e-mail si.soar@ttu.edu.

How often can I utilize Supplemental Instruction?

You can utilize supplemental instruction for as much or as little as you like. Some students attend our sessions once a semester, some attend multiple times a week. It is your decision how many times you would like to attend.

Where are SI Sessions held?

SI Sessions are held in academic buildings on campus, or online (on Zoom). SI Leaders will include additional information regarding where their session will be held, and any links in their weekly e-mails to students.

What should I bring to an SI Session?

We strongly recommend students bring any textbooks, notes from lectures, and any other supplemental material from their courses. Additionally, students should also bring an electronic device (such as a phone, tablet, or computer) to sign-in, and something to take notes with.

When are SI Sessions held?

SI Sessions are held Monday through Thursday in the afternoon and evening generally from 4-9PM during the fall and spring semester. SI Sessions are also held on Sundays for test prep review sessions throughout the semester. There is an adjusted schedule for SI Sessions held during the summer semesters.

Where can I find the SI Schedule?

The weekly SI Schedule can be found by clicking here.

How can I contact Supplemental Instruction?

You can call at 806-742-3664 or e-mail William Seth Lopez, Assistant Director.