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Be a Part of Hub City Fest

What is Hub City Fest?

Taking place during Raider Welcome (residence hall move in through the first few weeks of class), Hub City Fest is designed to help new and current students learn about all the Hub City has to offer! At HCF, businesses and non-profits can share their message and make connections with their newest potential customers.

This is a great time to share resources, recruit employees and volunteers, and to be a part of the Texas Tech University campus. At past HCF events, exhibitors handed out samples, created interactive booths, and sponsored raffles or giveaways!

Take advantage of the one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with Texas Tech students!

Friday, August 23, 2024
7 pm - 9 pm


📢 Get your business in front of 3,000+ new students 

🚩 Choose from a variety of low-cost booth options 

💰 Businesses can give discounts, freebies, or sell items

🤝 Meet new customers and recruit employees 

Why Should You Attend?

Meet Your Future Customers

New Students

Texas Tech expects more than 9,200 new students in the Fall 2024. Last Fall, Texas Tech had an enrollment of more than 40,900 students. Hub City Fest in 2023 had 3,000+ student attendees.

New to the Lubbock Area

90% of incoming Texas Tech students are from more than 70 miles outside of Lubbock. The vast majority of these students need information about Lubbock businesses and the community as a whole.

What Previous Exhibitors Said

"If you are looking for Tech student exposure to kickoff the year right, Hub City Fest is a great place to start. Be prepared for a HUGE turnout!"

"Best return for marketing dollars in Lubbock. Lots of potential clients that are new to Lubbock and looking for a place to call their own."

"High-energy event, a great opportunity to showcase your products, and lots of students were excited about the level of business participation. A perfect occasion to interact with over 2700 students in one setting."

"Easily the best thing we did to reach new students all year!"

"It is definitely worth going to. A lot of these students had never heard of our brand but were eager to try it and there were some who grew up around our brand and were ecstatic that we had locations here. The event was fun and good-spirited. It went quite well."

"Excellent experience! I have already seen a return on the coupons given out and new clientele."

"Great way to meet students for both work and customer base. A highly trafficking event with good advertising on campus."

"Makes sure you have enough material for 3,000 students! Engage and be active while you are there!"

"Hub City Fest was a great way to interact with students face to face and help promote your business in an interactive way. It was great getting to see so many people come out and enjoy what our city has to offer through all of the vendors."

One-of-a-Kind Way to Interact with Students

You already know that students discounts/promotions can earn you new customers in the college demographic, help build loyalty that lasts a lifetime, and create word-of-mouth excitement about your products. But your discounts won't do you any good if no one knows about them in the first place. That's where Hub City Fest can help.

There is no other opportunity like this for businesses to get on campus to meet thousands of TTU students. To make the most of this opportunity, successful Hub City Fest Exhibitors will consider:

  • Creating an interactive booth
  • Providing samples of their product
  • Distributing coupons for future sales
  • Hosting a raffle or product giveaways

Read more HCF Tips from our students and previous exhibitors.

A big perk of earning college students' business is that they're natural brand ambassadors. If they like something, they share it with everyone they know. Your business impact from Hub City Fest is sure to multiply!

Important Information

Booth Pricing

Business Booth $150 2 Parking Spaces
Approximately 18' wide X 15' deep
Double Business Booth $250 4 Parking Spaces
Approximately 36' wide X 15' deep
Non-Profits  $50 2 Parking Spaces
Approximately 18' wide X 15' deep
Food Trucks $150 Space on Boston Ave. outside exhibit
Approximately 18' in length

Door Prizes

Exhibitors can donate items to be raffled off during the Exhibition. Door prize donors will be recognized on the event website, social media, and on signage and loud speaker during Hub City Fest.

Food Permits

If you plan to bring certain food samples, you will need to apply for a Temporary Food Service Permit with Texas Tech. If needed, you must have your online Food Permit submitted to the TTU Environmental Health & Safety prior to the event.

  • Needs Temporary Food Permit: Any food items that require temperature control to prevent spread of foodborne illnesses (ex – pizza, chicken, bbq, other meat products).
  • Does NOT need Food Permit: Pre-packed items (ex - bottled water, chips, snack bars), drinks (ex – coffee, tea, lemonade) or high-sweet content items (cookies, baked goods, popsicles)

Please contact TTU Environmental Health & Safety at 806.742.3876 or safety@ttu.edu with questions.


If selling, think about how you will collect payment. Remember, we cannot provide access to internet or electricity. We are also unable to make change on site. Many students will have debit/credit cards or use Apple Pay/Cash App/Venmo/Paypal.

*A majority of HCF Exhibitors do not sell items, so make sure you have a plan for how students will know your stuff is for sale and not a giveaway.

Exhibit Space Availability

HCF will take place in the R11 Band Parking Lot. Space is limited. Spots are filling up faster than ever before, so don't delay in submitting your Agreement & Payment to secure your space.

Steps to Participate in HCF

  1. Complete Online Exhibitor Agreement Form
  2. Submit Payment (TouchNet Store or check)

    Card payments can be made via our Touchnet Store.

    Check payments can be mailed to the address below and should be made out to "Texas Tech University".

    Mail to:
    TTU Student Engagement
    ATTN: Hub City Fest
    Box 45020, Lubbock, TX 79409

  3. Review Exhibitor Manual (Instructions & Policies)

  4. Follow us on Social Media @ttuengagement and use #HubCityFest

  5. Plan an exciting and interactive booth!
    Read our Tips

  6. Attend Hub City Fest on Friday, August 23, 2024!


For more information, email studentengagement@ttu.edu or call 806-742-5928.