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Past Student Team Members

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Iryna Andrenko

Women's International Master

USCF rating: 2256
Hometown: Simferopol, Ukraine
Major/Classification: Graduate in Horticulture Science

Shyam Gandhi

National Master

USCF rating: 2164
Hometown: Cerritos, California
Major/Classification: Undergraduate in Finance

Esteban Ruiz

USCF rating: 2001
Hometown: Ecuador
Major/Classification: Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering

Cy Radic

USCF rating: 481
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major/Classification: Undergraduate in Sports Management

Leo Creger

National Master

USCF rating: 2212
Hometown: Newbury Park, California
Major/Classification: Undergraduate in Management 


Shane Metzler

USCF rating: 1629
Hometown: Lubbock, Texas
Major/Classification: Medical School


Carla Herredia

Women's Grandmaster

USCF rating: 2246
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador


Richard Davisson

2nd Category Master

USCF rating: 1868
Hometown: Randolph, New Jersey


Umruddin Babyev

USCF rating: N/A
Hometown: Turkmenabat City, Turkmenistan
Major/Classification: Undergraduate in International Relations and Global Studies

Sergey Matsenko

International Grandmaster

USCF rating: 2633
Hometown: Chelyabinsk, Russia
Major/Classification: Graduate in Interdisciplinary Studies

Luis Carlos Torres Rosas

International Master

USCF rating: 2427
Hometown: Cuidad del Carmen, Mexico
Major/Classification: Graduate in Mechanical Engineering

Carter Estes

USCF rating: 691
Hometown: White Deer, Texas
Major/Classification: Undergraduate in Agricultural and Applied Economics


Maraya Garcia

USCF rating: 809
Hometown: McAllen, Texas
Major/Classification: Graduate in General Business MBA