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University Women's Club History



The University Women's Club, Texas Tech University, with approximately 200 members from all segments of the University, began inauspiciously when a small group of Tech faculty wives met to plan a tea in the fall of 1930, when the faculty had grown to 200 and there was little opportunity for the wives to meet one another outside their respective departments. Each shared the feeling that there was a need for a women's organization.

Mrs. John Granberry, Mrs. A.W. Evans, Mrs. R.E. Garlin, Mrs. A.B. Cunningham, and Mrs. R.C. Goodwin organized the tea and sent invitations to the wives of the faculty and administration of the college. They seemed to have captured the feeling of the other faculty wives, and the Tech Faculty Women's Club was officially born at the tea when Mrs. A.W. Evans was elected president and Mrs. Fred Sparks was elected vice president. During those early years, there were no dues and no emphasis on programs. The first meetings were kept informal and held in the Parish House of the Episcopal Church with refreshments provided by the hostess.

Since its early years, the University Women's Club has grown considerably. The membership now also includes faculty and administrators. Different programs and interest groups meet the diverse needs of its members. The club has both social and educational objectives, as well as an overall focus that unites its members. This focus is the Paul Whitfield Horn Fellowship Endowment. The University Women's Club contributes to the funding of this endowment through dues and various fundraisers.

The University Women's Club is open to all faculty/staff members or spouses of faculty/staff members during their connection with Texas Tech University and/or other institutions within the Texas Tech University System.


University Women's Club