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Languages & Cultures - German Studies

The Languages & Cultures - German program of the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures awards B.A. and M.A. degrees in German. The undergraduate program offers introductory and intermediate language classes as well as advanced courses in language, literature and culture studies. German students are encouraged to study abroad in programs administered and taught by TTU faculty. The graduate program prepares students for teaching German at all levels, for further study in a Ph.D. program, or for other professional careers. Graduate Teaching Assistants have the opportunity to acquire pedagogical and professional skills through an intensive teacher-training program that includes hands-on classroom instruction and faculty mentoring.

Why Study German?

German is, after English, the leading language of the European Union and one of the most popular second languages for students worldwide. In the modern global economy, German is increasingly important for international commerce. A major or minor in German, coupled with a degree in music, business, law, engineering, political or social science, to name just a few examples, enhances one's résum é and guarantees a competitive edge for college graduates seeking employment at home or abroad. Other career fields, such as public education, local and federal government, foreign service, and industry also need people qualified in German. Furthermore, a program of study in the humanities not only broadens one's cultural literacy, but also develops one's abilities to think analytically and to express oneself coherently and competently, tangible skills which serve all students regardless of their professional goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of the German Program at TTU is to help students develop translingual and transcultural competence, the linguistic proficiency and the deep cultural knowledge that are necessary for effective communication with native speakers of German and for understanding the cultural context of language use in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Because language learning is a process of discovery and self-discovery, students will be challenged to reflect on their own language and culture as they are prepared for professional careers at home and abroad.


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