Texas Tech University

The German Minor

The German minor consists of a minimum of eighteen hours of course work.

At least fifteen of these hours must be at the 2000-level and above. A typical minor may consist of German 1502 (or 1507), German 2301, German 2302, plus three upper division courses, of which one must be at the 4000-level, for example German 3303, German 3304 and German 4301.

Courses are offered in culture, language and literature. For transferring students: a minimum of one 4000-level course must be completed in residence at Texas Tech. German 3312 and German 3313 do not count towards the minor, because they are taught in English.

For more detailed information, contact Carla Burrus, CMLL advisor.

Courses offered in German Hours for the Minor
GERM 1502 A Beginning Course in German II (or)
GERM 1507 Comprehensive Grammar-First Year Review
possible 5 hours
GERM 2301 A Second Course in German I
GERM 2302 A Second Course in German II possible 6 hours
GERM 3301 German Culture and Society
GERM 3303 Conversation and Composition
GERM 3304 Introduction to Literature
GERM 3305 German Language Studies (taught in Germany*)
GERM 3306 Contemporary Germany (taught in Germany*)
GERM 4301 Grammar
GERM 4303 German Classics
GERM 4305 Readings in German Language and Literature
(can be repeated for credit)
GERM 4309 Business German
GERM 4000 Independent Study (3 hours) minimum of 3 hours

*The German Summer Study Abroad Program is usually offered every year during the first summer session.
Departmental scholarships are available for study abroad.