Texas Tech University

Topics For Presentation


Possible topics for defining a term: (Initial Oral Interview + First Presentation Test)

Agricultural and applied economics: Laws of supply and demand, monopoly, opportunity cost, options market, basis (in a futures market), perfect competition

Architecture: masonry work, air conditioning, glazing, building trades, wall thickness, expansion joint, water proofing, ventilation, carpentry, scale factor

Art: composition, diffusion, aperture, perspective, focal length, firing techniques, High Renaissance

Biology: platelet, protozoa, gene, carbohydrate, heredity, phylum, pollution, defense mechanism, mold, ecosystem, analogous structures, food chain, invertebrate

Business administration: risk, whistleblowing, threat, stakeholders, collective bargaining, reward system, fixed cost, supply, variable cost

Chemistry: ketone, aqueous, viscosity, hypothesis, oscilloscope, reagent, crystalline, solvent, pick up coil, freezing point, equilibrium condition, freezing point depression, mass, molality, solute

Computer science: execution error, cloud computing, hash function, processing nodes, flowchart, hierarchy chart, array, algorithms, stack, theory of computation

Communication studies: nonverbal communication, verbal communication, critical listening, face-saving, message, meaning

Economics: Laws of supply and demand, monopoly, opportunity cost, options market, basis (in a futures market), perfect competition, capital accumulation, exchange rates, GNP, division of labor, factor of production, oligopoly, monopoly

English: discourse, rhetoric, genre, canon, reader response theory, audience, essay

Electrical engineering: voltage, current, ohms, watts, volts, semiconductor, algorithms, resistance

Food and nutrition: amino acids, diet, food record, glucose, malnutrition, lipids, dietary fiber, cholesterol, antioxidants, diabetes, unsaturated and saturated fats

Geosciences: mineral, igneous rock, magma, Bowen's reaction series, chemical sedimentary rock, foliation, seismic performance evaluation, earthquakes, lithosphere

History: republicanism, abolition, slavery, monarchy, empire, historical record, first hand account, historical method, prehistory

Hospitality: efficiency, Pasteurization, anaerobic bacteria, seasonal menus, traveler demands, internal pollution, food service facilities, cost per room, overall investment, high balance report, city/guest ledgers, hotel rating systems, budget control, hotel security

Human Development and Family Studies: stressor, coping, relationships, anorexia, social support, retirement, divorce, remarriage, independence

Industrial engineering: wear and tear, deterioration, sensitivity analysis, discrete compounding, replacement alternatives, unit of production, purchasing power, decision trees, irreducibles

ISQS: loop, CPU, bus network, binary systems, search engine, bit, data integrity, data, information, knowledge

Landscape architecture: point, line, plane, volume, orientation, interval, texture, density, visual force, nearness, continuity

Languages: communicative functions, language learning, curriculum design, discourse, conversational turn, sociolinguistic competence, communicative competence, modals, culture shock

Management: strategic management, strategy, teamwork, communication, human resource management, ethics, diversity

Marriage and family therapy: home management, task distribution, social stratification, consensus, migrant families, financial resources, decisional conflicts

Math: asymmetry, regression, matrices, vector, scalar, percentile, cosine, derivatives, distribution, linearity, the chain rule, functions, normal approximation, difference quotient, calculus, domain, mathematical logic, natural number, number theory, real number, tangent

Mechanical engineering: crashworthiness, impact velocity, finite element analysis, metal yield point, plastic deformation, occupant protection, automotive body frame, acceleration due to gravity

Music: interval, dynamics, cresecendo, beat, tempo, score, orchestra, reed, recital, string quartet, tonality, variation, voice, tune, whole note, whole note scale

Pathology: marrow cells, coronary artery, inflammatory cells, necrosis, histogram, platelet, follicles

Philosophy: valid, sound, true (as opposed to known to be true), argument, premise, reasons, epistemology, rationality

Physics: kinetic energy, trajectory, surface tension, force field, relative speed, latent heat, Archimedes' principle, ohm, center of gravity, refraction of light, transverse waves, Newton's laws of motion, Ohm's Law, Boyle's Law, radioactivity, speed, velocity

Political science: colonialism, democratization, revolutionary means, regime, single party system, rally, oligarchies, political polls, landed classes, suffrage, blue collar, white collar, diplomacy, elections, liberal, conservative, radical

Psychology: object permanence, attachment, imprinting, critical period, self-concept, fluid intelligence

Theater and dance: upstage, denouement, proscenium, improve, gel, sense memory, projection