Texas Tech University

Approval to Teach for International Teaching Assistants (ITAs)

Texas Tech University Operating Policy 64.03 requires that the appointment of all nonnative English-speaking students (regardless of visa/residency status) as teaching assistants be made only after certification of English proficiency and readiness for the classroom.

There are three options evaluation for approval to teach:

  1. The International Teaching Assistant Workshop
  2. ESL 5310 or ESL 5312
  3. Special/Skype Interview (for eligible students only)


With the exception of ESL 5310 and ESL 5312, students must be registered for any assessment by their department.

To receive regular information about how to register for assessment opportunities and to be informed of pertinent deadlines, please be sure that you are on the ITA Program email distribution list for faculty and staff. Email Carla.Burrus@ttu.edu to request updates to the list.