Texas Tech University

Covenant BodyMind Initiative

Family Support

Parents must be made more aware of the role they can play in health and wellness patterns in their children. It is likely that any effective interventions will be family-based. (Hill and Trowbridge, 1997)

The Covenant BodyMind Initiative wants to help families move in a positive, healthy direction. The knowledge students receive through the CBMI curriculum is carried to the home. One student was happy to learn how to read nutrition labels so she could make good food choices for her father who has Type 2 Diabetes. By teaching students, we are reaching families.  A class of students was challenged to express their feelings of gratitude for a family member.  A student shared how she and her father sat on the front porch and she told him of her love and appreciation for him. “He started crying!” she said. “And so did I”. By teaching students, we are reaching families. A class of Comprehensive Wellness students recognized a need at Women’s Protective Services, so they organized a clothing drive to benefit the women and childrenwho had been displaced. They involved their school and families in this effort.  By teaching students, we are reaching families.


Covenant BodyMind Initiative