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The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities at Texas Tech University

The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities


Welcome to the Center for the Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRC) at Texas Tech University. The CRC offers a community of support for students in recovery by adhering to the following core values:

  • Clean, Sober, & Healthy
  • Connected in Community
  • Commitment to Academics
  • Civility in Relationships


Parent Information

A recovery-friendly support network is crucial to your potential students’ recovery. Offering the right kind of recovery support to your son or daughter is so important to their academic and life success. The Texas Tech Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities is where student flourish in the miracle of recovery. We know that choosing a collegiate recovery program is sometimes difficult and offer the following items to consider as you and your student make this important decision.

  1. Ownership and Autonomy. Your student is the one that will be a CRC member, be supportive, but let them ask the questions, fill out their own applications, and see what program they think would be best for their recovery. Allowing your student to take care of some of the footwork provides a sense of autonomy and ownership of their experience.
  2. Healthy Compromise. What works for you, may not work for your son or daughter. Discussing all options and possibilities together may help guide you to a compromise that works best for your family.
  3. Support. CRPs are not designed as treatment programs, they are designed to offer extended recovery support on college campuses so your student has a safe harbor and a community of likeminded others to be with.

After discussing the possibility of finding a CRP for your student, there are several things to ask when talking to different CRPs. While sharing the goals of providing support, preventing relapse, and promoting academic performance, individual CRPs can vary greatly. Here are some important questions to ask:

What about housing? Here at Texas Tech, we offer recovery-living dorms through Talkington Hall. We have a dedicated floor for just our students in recovery. Our staff coordinates student living assignments so we can ensure that all students living on are dorm floor are in recovery. For more information about housing contact our staff member Anna Trevino at (806)742-2891 or at alee.trevino@ttu.edu.


30 Year Celebration

30 Year Celebration


Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities