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The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities at Texas Tech University

The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities


Welcome to the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities (CRC) at Texas Tech University. Established in 1986, The CRC offers a community of support for students in recovery much like student athletes and veterans receive on college campuses. By providing specialized support, our students flourish with low relapse rates, high GPA's, high retention and graduation rates. These outcomes are achieved by adherence to the following four core values:

  • Clean, Sober, & Healthy
  • Connected in Community
  • Commitment to Academics
  • Civility in Relationships



We know that choosing a collegiate recovery program is sometimes difficult and offer the following items to consider as you make this important decision.

  1. Choosing a University. There are now many collegiate recovery programs across the nation. Each one is unique and different but offer similar types of support. To explore the range of collegiate recovery programs available visit the Association of Recovery in Higher Education's website at http://collegiaterecovery.org/programs/
  2. Ownership and Autonomy. Students must take ownership by asking questions, filling out their own applications, and deciding what program is the best fit for them. Parents should be supportive but allow their student to take care of the leg work. Remember if you have questions about our program, the type of support we offer, and/or the application process please call at (806)742-2891.
  3. Type of Support. Collegiate Recovery Programs are support programs and are not designed as treatment programs. Students do best when they have an established recovery plan and are ready for the rigors and demands of college life. By extending recovery support CRPs become a safe harbor and a community of likeminded others to be with. For information about the support we offer visit http://www.depts.ttu.edu/hs/csa/support.php
  4. Housing. Here at Texas Tech, we offer recovery-living dorms. We have a dedicated floor for students in recovery. Our staff coordinates student living assignments so we can ensure that all students living in our dorm are in recovery. Typically, students stay in our recovery dorms for a year and then move off campus with other students in recovery. For more information about housing contact Anna Trevino at (806)742-2891 or at alee.trevino@ttu.edu.

Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities