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Center for Students in Addiction Recovery


Welcome to the Center for Students in Addiction Recovery (CSAR) (formerly the Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities) at Texas Tech University.  The CSAR offers students in recovery a nurturing and supportive community.  This specialized recovery and academic support increases the chances that recovering students will flourish with strengthened recovery, personal and professional growth, and academic achievement, including retention in school, high GPAs, and graduation rates.

Established in 1986, the CSAR is a national model for Collegiate Recovery Communities.  When the CSAR opened, it was one of the first programs of its kind in the nation.  According to the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, there are now over 150 Collegiate Recovery Programs in the United States, with new programs being established each year.

Founded on elements of 1) continuous recovery, 2) connectedness in community, 3) commitment to academics, and 4) civility in relationships, the CSAR lays a solid foundation for student growth in recovery, academically, personally, and professionally.  The CSAR intends to expand the program, allowing even more recovering students the opportunity to complete higher education in the academic field and to the college education level of their choice.  

Importantly, the CSAR offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students who are in recovery.  These scholarships often offer students a second chance at higher education and advanced degrees in students choice of academic fields at Texas Tech University and at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.      

Mission and Values

The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities (CSAR) is changing lives. The services provided through CSAR increase the continuum of care for students in recovery, enhancing the quality of life for students in recovery at Texas Tech University. The CSAR supports students in recovery from alcohol, drugs, and behavioral addictions. By providing recovery support through relationships with staff, academic advising, scholarships/fellowships, recovery housing, study abroad opportunities, and more, students can flourish in recovery and in life.

Continuous Recovery | Connection in Community
Commitment to Academics | Civility in Relationships





Center for Students in Addiction Recovery