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The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities (CCRC) at Texas Tech University (TTU) provides scholarships, academic support, and recovery support to students in recovery from substance use disorders and eating disorders.  Students have the opportunity to enhance their quality of life by pursuing academic, personal, and professional goals.  The Collegiate Recovery Community is open to all students who are committed to growth in recovery as they actively attain higher education in the field of their choice at TTU.  

NOTE: Application Deadlines  

Fall  - Application deadline is February 15th.

Spring - Application deadline is October 31. 

The CCRC offers scholarships to current members who exhibit commitment to recovery, academics, and leadership.  Students wishing to receive a scholarship must meet the following criteria:

1.  Apply to Texas Tech University, using the button below. 

    Apply to Texas Tech University

2.  Complete the CCRC Application - Below

Students should have at least one continuous year of abstinence from alcohol and other substances and/or one year of actively seeking recovery in non-abstinence based behavioral addictions (i.e. eating disorders/sex addiction/etc.) during the first semester of enrollment.   

3.  Complete 12 hours (undergraduate) or 9 hours (graduate) credit per semester.

NOTE: Although generally not recommended, a limited number of part-time CCRC scholarships        are available.

4.  Maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average (GPA).

5.  Enroll in Community Seminar, maintaining an "A" each semester.  

6.  Submit the Scholarship Acceptance Form by April 15th. 

7.  Submit a donor thank you letter by April 15th.  

Students are encouraged to submit scholarship applications at TTU colleges and at additional departments across the university.  

Below is a Sample application you can view prior to completing your actual application.  Review this sample before you complete your application so you will have an idea about what information you will need and what your answers will be.  You can save your answers on a Word document, then copy them from your Word document directly into the application.

Sample Application

If you have any questions about applying to the CCRC, call 806-742-2891. 


Application - Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities


Other Important Resources

TTU Housing/Recovery Housing
Complete the CRC application and then contact Anna Trevino at alee.trevino@ttu.edu to set up a housing interview.

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Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities