Texas Tech University

The Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities at Texas Tech University

Eating Disorder Support

The Texas Tech CRC is privileged to be able to offer specific eating disorder recovery support to students.

At the CRC, we understand that eating disorder recovery often requires additional resources and support for recovery maintenance. This is why a specific eating disorder track was created to best assist those beginning, returning to, or continuing in a collegiate environment. This support track includes:

  • One-on-one meetings with staff member specialized in eating disorders to provide treatment referrals, academic and relational support, and recovery check-ins.
  • One-on-one meetings with a registered dietitian nutritionist specialized in eating disorders to aid in developing a healthy relationship with food, as well as food/weight related behaviors
  • Weekly eating disorder support seminar

The Texas Tech CRC also understands the difficulty in defining length of eating disorder recovery. Please feel free to contact the Center by phone at (806)-742-2891, to determine if the CRC may be an adequate level of support for where you are in your eating disorder recovery.

Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities