Texas Tech University

Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities at Texas Tech University


Student Support

The Center provides students in recovery with an abstinence-based program where students can flourish in recovery as they attain educational goals, including advanced degrees.  Based on a psychosocial model that captures the resilient and strength-based qualities of recovery, the Center provides supports and services for students. 

Central to the Center structure is the provision of adaquate and qualified staff who provide students with recovery support, academic support, and life skills mentoring.  Another key aspect of the Center is the peer-to-peer support students experience day to day.  As students engage in all the Center has to offer, students naturally support each other in social, emotional, and educational areas. 

Seminar in Community is a one-hour for credit course that students attend weekely each semester.  This instructor-lead course provides students a chance to meet with a staff member and with other Center students.  In this flexible course, among other topics, students discuss how to balance aspects of recovery with acedemics, home life, and employment.  Students are required to enroll in Seminar and maintain an "A" grade in the course each semester.        

Recovery Support

  • Recovery housing
  • Monthly community lunches
  • Student trips each semester, when possible
  • Seminar in Community
  • Nutritional support, when needed
  • Recovery tailgates for select games

Academic Support

  • Academic advising
  • Scholarships (undergraduate and graduate) 
  • Scholarships include in-state tuition for out of state students
  • Admission overides, when needed
  • Tutoring, when possible
  • Supplies 

The Center has a centrally located space where students can socialize with others in recovery.  

The building includes:

  • Comfortable space for socializing  
  • Computer lab
  • Recreation area
  • Beverages for students

Center for Collegiate Recovery Communities