Texas Tech University

Animal Care Training

Monitoring Temps

Animal Care Training and OHS assessment is required for all animal users associated with animal teaching or research at Texas Tech University

A paper copy of the score sheet must be sent to the ACUC office - MS 3132..... You must print it out and send it... Do not push submit, this will not give you credit for the course.

The Occupational Health and Safety Paperwork will also need submitted by emailing Karin Fritz for the required forms.

Both items will have to be received in the IACUC office before any work can be started.

Receipt of your score sheet will allow you to start any approved animal research, however you will also be required to attend one generic training

Training sessions will be offered each semester.

The following Species-Specific Training Programs are Also Available:

Amphibians and Reptiles








Sheep and Goats


Please contact IACUC Coordinator regarding training requirements

Animal Care & Use