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Animal Care Services Per Diem Rates

Animal Care Services is obligated to recover the unsubsidized costs associated with the procurement, care and support of animals used in research or teaching at Texas Tech University. Investigators are billed on a monthly basis for those expenses. Bills are distributed to investigators following the month these charges were incurred. These per diem rates were determined using detailed cost accounting and a survey of the per diem rates charged by many other universities.

All charges are per animal unless specifically listed as a per cage charge. The number of animals housed per cage must conform to the standards established in the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals or the Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Teaching and Research. Animals housed together must be compatible.

Per diem charges include: Daily observation of every animal, one or two feedings/ waterings per day of a standard ration, routine veterinary care, and appropriate husbandry and sanitation of cages or pens according to TTU SOPs and applicable guidelines. Animals must be purchased by ACS and are charged at cost plus a minimal administrative service charge.

Special Animal Health Needs: Requests for animal health services will be taken and a cost estimate will be provided prior to the start of the work. Costs will include supplies, mileage, technician and veterinary time.

*New rates in affect as of 9/1/2015. For purposes of estimating annual costs for research and grant proposals, expect a minimum 3% yearly increase.

Species Charge Basis

Animal Orders


Before 5pm Wednesday

Late Animal Orders


After 5pm Wednesday

Mice (Up to 5 per cage)


Per cage/day



Per cage/day

Nude Mice (Up to 5 per cage)


Per cage/day

Rats (Up to 3 per cage)


Per cage/day



Per cage/day

Ferrets (Group Housed)


Per animal/day

Ferrets (Single Housed)


Per animal/day

Voles (Up to 5 per cage)


Per cage/day

Pigs (Up to 4 per pen)


Per pen /day



Per animal/day

Frogs/ Amphibians


Per animal/day



Per animal/day

Venomous Reptiles


Per animal/day



Per animal/day



Per animal/day



Per animal/day



Per animal/day

Feeder Rats



Feeder Mice



BSL I Dedicated Room/Rack Fee



BSL II Dedicated Room/Rack Fee



*All rates now include PPE and sentinel program for rodents.

**If investigators are willing and able to share IVC racks with other investigators, there will not be a dedicated room charge, only per diem. If an investigator requests a dedicatied room, then a room charge plus der diem will be charged.

Experimental Sciences (BSLII) Rate Justification

The Experimental Sciences Building-Animal Facility (ESB-AF) is operated by the Animal Care Services (ACS) department, which operates within the Vice President for Research’s (VPR) Administrative Unit. The ESB-AF is operated as a conventional laboratory animal facility, or as an animal Biosafety Level (BSL) 2, or 3 facility. Each of these increasing increments of Biosafety, however, requires additional safeguards and costs.

By laboratory animals we mean any vertebrate animal used in demonstration, teaching or research. This includes rodents, and any small to medium-sized animal that the facility can safely accommodate.

Any animal research conducted in the ESB-AF must first be approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), and by the Director of Animal Care Services. Additional approvals may be required as appropriate for the type of space use anticipated.

Priority for animal research in the ESB-AF is, in the following order:

  • BSL-2 animal use
  • Conventional laboratory animals
  • Animal Quarantine

Investigators may use the procedure spaces as non-dedicated spaces at no charge, however, Investigators must decontaminate each work space after each use. If investigators require specialized equipment or a dedicated procedure/laboratory non-animal space, then a negotiated charge for that space will apply.


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