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ACS Staff Fall 2014


ACS Staff

(L-R) Karin Fritz,Paul Stonum D.V.M., Tessa Carabajal, Tiffanie Brooks D.V.M, John McGlone p.H.D, Veronica Vasquez, Brittany Backus p.H.D., Carla Grisham, Mark Goza, and Amy Chappelle

Welcome to Animal Care Services at Texas Tech University.  Please use the menu on the left side of the screen to visit our various pages. Basic information is provided below.


Mission Statement


To provide for the physical and psychological well-being of animals used in research and teaching. To aid investigators in obtaining and properly using these animals.

More specifically, the ACS serves to facilitate the use of animals in research and teaching at Texas Tech University while assuring compliance with all applicable regulations.  ACS maintains responsibilities in animal procurement, animal housing and daily care, the provision of veterinary care, health surveillance and preventative care, assisting investigators and their staff with animal procedures, and the care, maintenance and replacement of equipment and facilities.

Important People in ACS

Dr. John McGlone  (Director/IO)


(806) 834-8275 


Dr. Tiffanie Brooks (Attending Veterinarian)


(806) 834-8588  tiffanie.brooks@ttu.edu

 Dr. Paul Stonum (Clinical Veterinarian)

Paul Stonum

(806) 834-7373 paul.b.stonum@ttu.edu

 Dr. Brittany Backus (Post-Approval Monitoring Administrator)

Brittany Headshot

(806) 834-5280 brittany.backus@ttu.edu                       

Sydnee woodman (On-Campus Facilities Manager)


(806) 834-2872 sydnee.woodman@ttu.edu

Karin Fritz (IACUC Coordinator)


(806) 834-6183  karin.k.fritz@ttu.edu

Amy Chappelle (Unit Coordinator)


(806) 834-8263 amy.chappelle@ttu.edu

Tessa Carabajal (Accountant/Unit Coordinator)


(806) 834-5569 tessa.carabajal@ttu.edu

Mark Goza (Technician)


(806) 834-8151  mark.goza@ttu.edu

Veronica Vasquez (Technician)


(806) 834-8575  veronica.vasquez@ttu.edu