Texas Tech University

Events Committee

The Events Committee consists of a chair and as many "in good standing" paid members as want to participate on the committee.

The chair or committee representative will provide regular monthly reports at officer meetings and general meetings.

The chair will work closely with the President and the President-Elect. This committee will be resposible for cooordinating yearly events at least a semester in advance. This committee will organize the following events: 1.) Cultural Awareness Seminar held every April, 2.) participation in the Dia De Los Muertos celebration coordinated by Unidos Por Un Mismo Idioma during All Souls Day in November, 3.) the Las Posadas held every December and 4.) the association's awards ceremony held in December.

These events and any others added by the committee need to be on the calendar to fully include the fall and the spring semester before the beginning of each fiscal year and voted on by the association in a general meeting for approval. This calendar will help prepare an expenses budget to be submittted to the Division of Institutional Diversity, Equity & Community Engagement also known as the Cross-Cultural Academic Advancement Center.

The chair will work closely with the Treasurer to aquire the TTU FOP for our association's expenses to provide for all necessary supplies for each event.

The chair will work closely with the Marketing Committee Chair to promote each of the association's events and activities.

The chair will work closely with the Presentations Committee Chair to procure guest speakers when needed.

The chair will work closely with the Website Committee Chair to ensure that pictures, flyers and any other documents relating to each of the events is placed on the website for archiving.

Room reservations at the Student Union & Activities office room 203 in the Student Union Building (SUB) are done each year May 15 on the second floor of the SUB. Arrangements must be made for room reservations by email, phone call or personal visit to this office so as to secure a venue for our yearly Las Posadas calendar event which is usually held at the Red Raider Room and the indoor patio area.

Evaluations of each event will be conducted by the chair to present at the officer and general meetings for improvements and a review of what worked well and what did not work well according to the committee members.

Latino Hispanic Faculty & Staff Association