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Website Committee

The Website Committee consists of a chair and one assistant who is "in good standing" and a paid member of the association.

The chair or committee representative will provide regular monthly reports at officer meetings and general meetings.

The committee chair is the webmaster of the association's website located at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/LHFSA/ on the TOSM server at Texas Tech University.

Access is granted by filling out a form called Web Account Application Agreement Form for website webmasters found at www.ttu.edu/accounts. Double check to make sure that the help desk has access and include them on your form helpdesk_desktop_staff. You probably do not need this step but before the form you may have to begin with a request for website access through serversupport.tosm@ttu.edu. They may just send you to the form.

The website for our association has been built with the program Dreamweaver. If you have any questions or trouble with the program send questions to itteamweb@ttu.edu.

This committee will be resposible for archiving all events and activities. Events and activites to archive include the Cultural Awareness Seminar held every April, participation in the Dia De Los Muertos celebration coordinated by Unidos Por Un Mismo Idioma during All Souls Day in November, the Las Posadas held every December and the association's awards ceremony held in December.

The committee chair will work closely with the Events, Fundraising, Marketing, Recruitment and Scholarship committee chairs to ensure that all events and activities are included on the website. Most pictures are saved 200X150 pxs on the website.

LHFSA Website: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/LHFSA/

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