Texas Tech University

User Research

Your opinion matters. User Experience works to enhance your experience using the TTU Libraries. We study library users' needs and expectations to give insight and guidance to improvements for our services and spaces.

Here you will find short descriptions of major studies. Click the image next to each description to access the full report from that study.

Major Studies

Space Assessment: Colored Dots linkWe asked students to identify which spaces in the library they liked, avoided, or wish we had more of. You can view an interactive visualization of students' responses.

Pink heart for love lettersWe invited everyone who passed by to write a personal note telling us how they feel about the Library. They could write a "love letter" telling us what they love or a "breakup letter" telling us what they don't.

2017 Currently Enrolled Student SurveyTTU surveys all students annually about the quality of service on campus. In Fall 2017, the Library portion of the survey included questions about overall satisfaction, the redesigned website, printing, how we communicate, and what services students used the most.

Onesearch Chat TestingWe asked students to use the OneSearch Library chat service. They found it useful to chat with a real person—not a chatbot—about their questions. Infographic created and hosted using Piktochart

Library Website EvaluationWe collected survey feedback about our redesigned website at the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester. Respondents pointed out areas that had improved and described ongoing issues we should explore.

Newspaper Survey ResultsWe surveyed patrons about how they prefer to get the news—particularly how often they read newspapers online or in print. Infographic created and hosted using Piktochart

Graphic displaying LibQUAL survey ResultsGraduate students told us about how frequently they use the Library building and website, which services are most important to them, what the Library does well, and what we could improve upon. Infographic created and hosted using Piktochart