Texas Tech University

Red Raider #1: Well Data

Type Information
Operator: Texas Tech University
Department of Petroleum Engineering
P.O. Box 43111
Lubbock, TX 79409-3111

Phone: 806.742.3573
Fax: 806.742.3502
P-5 Operators No: 848294

Well Information: Lease and Well Name: Red Raider No. 1
API No.: 42-303-31413
Drilling Permit No.: 513863
Lease No.: 68424
RRC District: 8A
County: Lubbock
State: Texas
Survey: Section 6, Block 'O', Abstract 1407
E.L. and R.R.R. Co./J.T. Hutchinson/O.F. Peeler
Lease Lines: 1,710 ft. from North Line and 362 ft. from West Line
Survey Lines: 1,710 ft. from North Line and 362 ft. from West Line
Field Name: Wildcat
Permanent Datum: Ground Level (GL), Elevation 3185 ft.
Log Measured: KB, 14 ft. above Permanent Datum
Cased Hole Logger TD: 4020 ft. RKB
Casing: 9-5/8 in., 43.5 lb/ft, N-80, LT&C, API 8RD: 8.755 in., Drift: 8.599 in.

Well Logs

Log Name Low Res. PDF High Res. PDF
Dual Laterolog Download N/A
Spectral Density Download N/A
Cement Bond Download Download
Multi-Finger Caliper Download N/A
Ultra-Sonic Imaging Download N/A

Well Development Documents

Name PDF
Drilling Fluid Reports (Baroid) Download
Sec. 6, Block 0, EL&RR Survey (Baroid 3−28−02) Download
Sec. 6, Block 0, EL&RR Survey (Baroid 7−27−01) Download
13 3/8 Surface (Halliburton) Download
9 5/8 Production Casing (Halliburton) Download
Surface (Halliburton) Download
Halliburton Proposal Download
Material Test Report (Lone Star Steel) Download
Gyrodata Directional Survey Download
Railroad Commission Forms Download

Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering