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Spring 2016 Speaker Series

Costica Bradatan, TTU Honors College

Department Colloquium: In Praise of Failure

Friday, March 4th, 3:30 pm

Eng/Phil 264

Abstract: This paper is part of a larger, book-length study into the phenomenology of failure, provisionally titled "In Praise of Failure. A Manifesto for Humility." It makes the argument that, because of our culture's obsession with success, we miss something important about what it means to be human, and deny ourselves access to a deeper, more meaningful layer of our humanity. A sense of what we are in the grand scheme of things, an openness towards the unknown and the mysterious, humility and reverence towards that which transcends and overwhelms us - these are some of the rewards that a proper grasp of failure could bring about. I will briefly introduce the project, place it within a Gnostic theological perspective, relate it to the thinking of French-Romanian philosopher E.M. Cioran, and present a sketch of the opening chapter.