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Philosophy Graduate Students


BRITTAIN, Justin PHIL 263 (2-3277)

Justin (B.A., Houston Baptist University) is a second-year graduate student from Rio Rancho, New Mexico. His primary interests are MacIntyrean virtue ethics, social and political philosophy, and philosophy of religion. When not doing philosophy, he enjoys creative writing, volleyball, and Wushu Kung Fu.


BYERS, Jack PHIL 263 (2-3277)


deBONILLA, Joshua PHIL 263 (2-3277)

Bonilla earned a BA in Philosophy and BM in Music Composition from Kansas State University in 2014. Bonilla's areas of interest are aesthetic ontology and epistemology, issues of aesthetic appreciation, philosophy of language, composing chamber music, and modernist literature.


FOSTERVOLD, Kjell PHIL 262 (2-3276)

I grew up in Minnesota, and received my B.A. in philosophy from St. Cloud State University. My philosophical interests include the philosophy of Wittgenstein and Spinoza, the history of philosophy, metaphysics and ontology (especially of persons), and metaphilosophy. Walter Kaufmann is my favorite philosopher. I'm also very interested in intellectual history and literature and social science, especially where these converge with philosophy. The rest of the time, I enjoy very spicy food and craft beer, listening to hard rock and metal, and visiting used book stores.


HALL, Chad

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. My present research interests include: metaphysics, philosophy of language, and epistemology.


HUDSON, Katie PHIL 262 (2-3276)


MORTON, Logan PHIL 263 (2-3277)

Logan received a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University. His primary research interests include ethics, political philosophy, and philosophy of religion.


MOSS, Daniel PHIL 262 (2-3276)


NELSON, Jakob PHIL 262 (2-3277)


NURHAN, Handrio PHIL 263 (2-3277)

I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. My B.A. was in Liberal Arts with an undergraduate thesis in philosophy of mind and metaphysics from Soka University of America in California. Prior to my bachelor's degree, I had also studied at Soka University in Japan as well as at L'Institut Catholique de Paris in France. My current philosophical interests are the hard problem of consciousness, ethics, social and political philosophy, philosophy of science, comparative philosophy, and aesthetics. In addition, as an avid lover of opera and a light lyric tenor myself, I attempt to combine opera singing (as an aesthetic activity) with philosophical analysis in what I call a philosophy of voice: an ongoing philosophical investigation into the nature, ontology, and meaning of the cultivated human voice, as well as a phenomenological account of its production. For more information: handrionurhan.com


PAYNE, Daniel PHIL 262 (2-3277)

Daniel Payne is a first-year philosophy graduate student interested in the hard problem of consciousness, Kierkegaardian and Nietzschean existentialism, and ancient philosophy. He also travels often and has a background in music and literature. At Texas Tech, Daniel looks forward to making a positive contribution to an outstanding department.


RABINIA, Amin PHIL 262 (2-3276)

I received an M.A. in philosophy of science from Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran. My main interests include history and philosophy of science, epistemology, and meta-philosophy. I also enjoy reading Schopenhauer, playing Chopin, and biking in Lubbock!


RAMSTAD, Ashley PHIL 263 (2-3277)

I am from Fargo, North Dakota. I received my B.A. from North Dakota State University in Public Relations/Advertising and B.A. from Minnesota State University-Moorhead in Philosophy. My areas of interest are ethics, metaphysics, and feminist philosophy.


ROSILLO-CEVALLOS, Jose-Miguel PHIL 262 (2-3276)

Jose-Miguel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Miami, where he concentrated his course of study on Philosophy and complemented it with Psychology and Anthropology. The broad focus of his research is Ethics. He's particularly interested in explaining therapeutic applications of moral normativity on social units.


SIMONCIC, Mark PHIL 262 (2-3276)


SO, Paul PHIL 257 (2-3275)

My main areas of interests are Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science. While I have broad interests in topics such as consciousness, intentionality, concepts, computational theory of mind vs. connectionism, and physicalism, I am particularly interested in mental causation because I first encounter Philosophy of Mind by reading Jaegwon Kim's Mind In The Physical World. I'm also developing interest in philosophy of perception and colors. I do have other areas of interest outside of philosophy of mind and cognitive science such as action theory, free will, personal identity, a priori knowledge, and meta-ethics.


WALSH, Tanner PHIL 263 (2-3277)

I grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota until I went to MSU, Mankato to get my undergrad in philosophy. Here at Texas Tech, I'm working on a Masters in philosophy with hopes of going on to a PhD program. My interests are philosophy of religion, logic, metaphysics, philosophy of science, and ethics. I love cage fighting, reading, music, and video gaming.


WESTFALL, Douglas PHIL 254 (2-3275)

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