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The Texas Tech Philosophy Department, ranked among the top twelve Philosophy MA programs in the nation, is committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, research, and service to the Texas Tech community. Our graduate and upper division classes are small, and students can expect to receive a great deal of individual attention from faculty. Members of the faculty mentor both graduate student teaching and individual research projects, including assisting students in preparing papers for regional conferences or for publication. Since our faculty specializations reflect a wide range of research interests, programs of study can reflect breadth as well as depth. We have particular strengths in Ethics, Aesthetics, and History of Philosophy. Our colloquium series allows students to meet directly with visiting philosophers of national and international renown. In all of this, we are committed to preparing students for the profession of philosophy, as well as for other professions such as law and public service.

News and Announcements:

  • Professor Anna Christina Ribeiro will be the ASA-sponsored speaker at the 2016 Rutgers Summer Institute for Diversity in Philosophy.
  • Professor Howard Curzer has won the first Arts & Sciences Excellence in Research Award.
  • Since 2008, the Philosophy Department at Texas Tech University has secured $693,152 in grants and external funding.
  • Professor Howard Curzer has been elected to the Texas Tech University Teaching Academy.
  • Professor Alex Grzankowski has been appointed to the New Directions in the Study of the Mind research initiative at Cambridge University from 2015-2017.

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