Texas Tech University

Current Postdoctoral Research Associates

This page outlines steps we believe every Postdoctoral Associate should take. We divided this tasks into saections oulining things you should do before you arrive and within days, weeks, months, and first year of arrival.

Prior to Arrival
Days After Arrival
Weeks After Arrival
Months After Arrival
Year After Arrival

Prior to Arrival

This sections provides a short outline of steps you should consider taking before you arrive at Texas Tech University. Depending on the requirements of your hiring department this list may not be entirely comprehensive so it is always good to check with your hiring manager and a faculty mentor what are their suggestions for tasks completed prior to arrival.

  1. Search for Housing
  2. Book your travel and email your itinerary to your faculty mentor and your lab administrator or hiring manager
  3. Schedule an appointment to meet your mentor and consider setting up a meeting with your hiring manager/departmental administrator to complete employment paperwork.
  4. Familiarize yourself with Lubbock and Texas Tech campus.
  5. Complete preliminary pre-employment steps from the New Employee Checklist

Days After Arrival

Meet your Employment Service Coordinator (ESC) and/or Lab Manager in order to:

  1. Obtain Department/Lab "How To" information: Get information and instructions about obtaining and using equipment and supplies.
  2. Get departmental facilities information, learn about resources available in your department and rules for using them. Learn how to reserve rooms and equipment.
  3. Obtain safety information and how to report hazards
  4. Complete New Employee I-9 packet and submit copies of required documents.

Weeks After Arrival

  1. Complete 'First Week' items from the New Employee Checklist
  2. Review information about New Employee Insurance
  3. Schedule the initial Individual Development Plan (IDP) meeting with your faculty mentor
  4. International Scholars: Apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Postdoctoral scholars are required to have a SSN or tax identification number (TIN). If you do not have a number, apply for one at your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office as soon as possible.
  • Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 9am-4pm and Wednesday 9am-noon.
  • Call 1-800-772-1213, 1-800-772-1213 to schedule an appointment. 
  • Lubbock office is located at 5826 16th St, Lubbock, TX 79416
  • CitiBus line 12 can take you there.
  • Go to the Social Security Administration web site for more details: www.ssa.gov
  • Consult International Student and Scholar Services for list of documents necessary to obtain the Social Security card.
  • When you are issued your number, please submit it to your hiring manager.
  • Special Reminder about Protecting Your Social Security Number (SSN) courtesy of http://www.ssa.gov/phila/ProtectingSSNs.htm
    • Practices to AVOID:
    • Never list an SSN when posting a paper record on a public bulletin board
    • Never send SSNs via an electronic format
    • Never have a computer log-in system where a person has to use their SSN
    • Never use SSNs on ID cards
    • Never send SSNs on postcards
    • Never store SSNs on unprotected computer systems
    • Never carry a Social Security Number (SSN) card on your person

Months After Arrival

  1. Review applicable Postdoctoral Scholar and Staff Policies
  2. Attend "Finding and Applying for Funding" session for Postdoctoral Research Associates
  3. Attend a career counseling session with University Career Services
  4. Take a vacation day!
    • Employees must have completed six months of continuous employment with the state before applying for vacation leave. For more information, see the Vacation Leave Operating Policy

Year After Arrival

  1. Review your progress with your faculty mentor
  2. Evaluate your Individual Development Plan, reflect on what you have and have not accomplished.
  3. Set goals for the following year and reflect on your long-term career goals.
  4. Attend a Mock Interview session and/or CV critique session both offered by the University Career Services 
  5. Stay informed about paying U.S. Federal Income Tax
    • Taxes are due each year on April 15. For Postdoctoral Research Associates from abroad Office of International Affairs may have suggestions for free services that help prepare taxes. We also encourage scholars to pay for tax services when in doubt on how to prepare tax return.
  6. Take a vacation!
    • Employees must have completed six months of continuous employment with the state before applying for vacation leave. For more information, see the Vacation Leave Operating Policy