Texas Tech University


Dr. Patricia DeLucia

Visual Perception and Human Factors Lab

Research Interests: visual perception (judgments about motion, depth and collisions) and applications for driving (e.g., rear-end collisions), healthcare (e.g., nursing and camera surgery), military (e.g., night vision goggles), and sport (e.g., batting, officiating).

Dr. Eric Greenlee

Research Interests: using neurological and physiological measures to understand tasks which demand extreme vigilance or sustained attention, such as air traffic control, cyber network defense, and driving.

Dr. Keith Jones

Research Interests: human-computer interaction, internet navigation and accessibility.

Dr. Martina Inge Klein

Research Interests: subjective measures of stress and workload, laparoscopy and robotic surgery, and errors in medicine.

Psychological Sciences

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    Texas Tech University, Department of Psychological Sciences, Box 42051 Lubbock, TX 79409-2051