Texas Tech University

Practicum Placement Requirements


In order to apply for practicum placement at the SCC, a student must have completed a course in counseling techniques (e.g. Departmental Basic Skills Practicum or Techniques in Counseling). If a student applies for a specific rotation (see "Rotations" below), then s/he must have successfully completed relevant coursework for some of the rotations.

Requirements for Practicum

  1. Concurrent enrollment in a practicum course in your department.
  2. Weekly attendance at Case Seminar (1 hour) with the timing being arranged to try to accomodate your schedule. 
  3. 5 - 9 hours of direct individual client contact weekly (see practicum training rotations for more information).
  4. 1 hour/week Walk in Clinic (intakes and crisis intervention)
  5. 1.5 hours of individual supervision weekly.
  6. 1 hour of administrative time for  case notes and therapy prep.
  7. Attending an orientation meeting (usually 4-6 hours) prior to the fall semester. If applying for first time spring semester, you will need to attend an orientation meeting as well which will be arranged with the practicum coordinator (approximately 4 hours).

**NOTE: All Requirements are NON-NEGOTIABLE. Each student must attend all training seminars and supervision meetings weekly, and students must be present at the SCC during all client hours.

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