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Academic Administrator Evaluation

For several years the Faculty Senate has been considering the present OP 30.15 on "Academic Administrator Evaluation." The Senate and the Provost's Office have approved amendments to require annual evaluations of department chairs and assistant and associate deans that do include input from the faculty. On January 17th, 2005, a report by Committee C itemized some of the questions still remaining. At the Faculty Senate meeting on May 11 a resolution requested and encouraged the Provost to continue to work with the Senate to revise OP 30.15 to provide faculty input into the annual evaluations of the upper levels of academic administration.

An informal Senate ad hoc committee, including former Senate President Gene Wilde, who was a leader on this issue last year, continued work on this project in Summer 2005, seeking to demonstrate the potential of the evaluation system developed in Agriculture as on way to manage on-line faculty input on administrators. Provost Bill Marcy, in a communication of May 13, wrote Wilde that "I would like to thank you, and the ad hoc committee, for all the work you have done on this important project. Additionally I support your request to continue working with the Senate ad hoc committee until the OP is complete." That committee is now being merged with an ad hoc committee charged with examining the similar programs required for conducting on-line elections. Volunteers from the Staff Senate have offered to assist.

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