Texas Tech University

Serials Cuts in the TTU Library

The Texas Tech University Library, facing budget constraints, drafted a plan for the cutting of 900 printed journals. The cut list is available here. The matrix used to determine the items to be cut included items such as the appearances of journals in selected citation indexes, the frequency of TTU faculty publication in these journals, the electronic availability of the printed titles, the productivity of faculty units in terms of graduate students and grant dollars, reshelving "ticks" on unbound periodicals, and other factors. The rating system was constructed under the direction of Sheila Curl Hoover, the UL Associate Dean for Outreach and Information Services. There was no consultation with the University Library Committee or other faculty oversight groups outside of the Library itself.

The Library had initially asked for feedback on particular journal cuts by April 21, encouraging the use of its comment window for all journals. Senators upset by this and other Library actions proposed a variety of resolutions to the Senate Agenda Committee. On Thursday, April, 27, just prior to the publication of the Agenda for the Senate Meeting on May 3, the provost and president put the proposed periodicals cuts on hold, pending the reestablishment of a library committee to review them and other library issues. In response the senate passed a resolution applauding the administration for these actions.

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