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Bicyclists have urged that the campus become more bicycle friendly, as specified in the Texas Tech University Master Plan. It has been argued that more bicyclists might mean less demand for parking, thus providing serendipitous benefits for inveterate non-cyclists. Even some bicyclephobes have observed that better bike lanes could, in theory, result in fewer bicycles illegally riding on the sidewalks.

At the close of the spring semester in 2005, a resolution of the Faculty Senate urged more rapid progress in bicycle lane construction, and a resolution of the Staff Senate urged progress in better bicycle routing in connection with the general need for more traffic control measures, in particular for a barrier along the east side of Flint Avenue between 18th and 19th Streets.

The administration has responded by endorsing the bicycle provisions of the master plan, by pledging to provide additional funds for bicycle racks (which have traditionally been financed at TTU by money raised from the sale of unclaimed bicycles), and by establishing a bicycle lane on 18th Street and along Akron (illustrated to the right). On August 12th the student government, after consultation with various university officials and consultants, offered a report to the Board of Regents about future plans for accommodating bicycles.

This year Traffic and Parking provided free bicycles, reconditioned from abandoned and confiscated ones, for the Tulane students here on campus after Hurricane Katrina.

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