Texas Tech University

Senate Liaisons

Many university councils and committees have senators assigned as liaisons to participate in their meetings, normally in an non-voting capacity, and to report back items of interest or actions that might pertain to the business of the Senate. In some cases, the officers of the Senate automatically function as liaisons; in other cases, liaisons are named by the Senate president and Agenda Committee with the consultation of the Committee on Committees.

Faculty Senators serving as liasons on other committees:

Academic Council

Ron Milam-HIST-2016
S. Ramkumar-ENTX 2017

Blackboard Student Support Services Committee
on Academic Advising & Retention-CAAR

Kelli Cargile Cook-ENGL-2017

Campus Carry Task Force

Michael Farmer -Faculty Senate President
Ron Milam -Faculty Senate Vice President
Joyce Carter -Faculty Senator

Captioning Policy Working Group

Tony Kaye-PHYS 2018

Core Curriculum Committee

Emily Skidmore-HIST-2016
Aliza Wong

Code of Student Conduct

Stephen Morse-CEE-2017

eLearning Council

Robert Cox-NRM-2017

Ethics Advisory Board

Sally Henry-Law-2018

Graduate Council

Stephen Morse-CEE-2017

International Affairs Council

Victoria Surliuga-CMLL-2017

Library Committee

Charlene Kalenkoski-HS-PFP-2018
Mark Gring-MCOM-2018

Provost Council

Michael Farmer-AAEC-2016

Strategic Planning Council

Laura Calkins-HIST-2018

Student Retention Committee

Laura Heinz-LIB-2016

Student Media

Rebecca R. Ortiz-MCOM-2016

Student Government Association

Charles Crews-EDUC-2018

Staff Senate

Tewodros Ghebrab-CE-2017

Research Advisory Council

S. Ramkumar-ENTX-2017

Student Life

Ryan Litsey-LIB-2018

Radiation and Laser Safety Committee

Tim Dallas-CE-2016

University Discipline Committee

Greg Mayer-ENTX-2018

Might be Non-Faculty Senators

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee

Phil Smith-ENTX (non-Faculty Senator)

Institutional Biosafety and Hazardous Materials Committee

update soon

Investigator Financial Disclosure Committee

Stephen Bayne-CE 2016

Institutional Laboratory Safety Committee

Dimtri Pappas (non-Faculty Senator) Chem-Biochem

Institutional Review Board

update soon

Radiation and Laser Safety Committee

update soon


Faculty Senate