Texas Tech University

Senate Liaisons

Many university councils and committees have senators assigned as liaisons to participate in their meetings, normally in an non-voting capacity, and to report back items of interest or actions that might pertain to the business of the Senate. In some cases, the officers of the Senate automatically function as liaisons; in other cases, liaisons are named by the Senate president and Agenda Committee with the consultation of the Committee on Committees.

Faculty Senators serving as liasons on other committees:

Some of these councils/committees can be located on the Provost's website under Councils, Committees, Centers and Institutes. http://www.depts.ttu.edu/provost/councilscmtes/index.php

Committees Senators
UCC Academic Council-FS VP Ryan Litsey-LIB-2018
Alan Barenberg-HIST-2019
FS Child Care Committee Richard Meek-MUS-2019
UCC Core Curriculum Committee Emily Skidmore-HIST-2020
Code of Student Conduct Jeffrey P. Williams-SASW-2020
Conflict of Interest Will Strieder-MUS-2020
eLearning Council Matthew Johnson-HIST-2020
Ethics Advisory Board Sally Henry-Law-2018
Graduate Council Toby Rider-POLS-2020
International Affairs Council Amy Boren-NRM-2019
Library Committee *TBA
Provost Council-FS Prez Gene Wilde-BIOS-2018
Parking Violation Appeals &
Parking Policy Advisory Committee
Jeffrey Mosher-HIST-2019
Strategic Planning Council Andrew Stetson-VPA-2019
Erik Bucy-Media-2019
Beth Thacker-PHYS-2019

Student Conduct Hearing Panel
(was Uni Discipline Com)

Robin Verble-NRM-2019
Student Retention Committee *TBA
Student Media Carol Flueckiger-VPA-2020
Student Government Association Rebecca Wascoe-Hays-VPA-2018
Staff Senate Robert Forbis-POLS-2018
Research Advisory Council Shirley Matteson-EDUC-2019
Traffic Safety and Pedestrian Committee Alan Barenberg-HIST-2019
Liz Paulk-Staff Senate
Charlene Kalenkoski-HS-2018
Brian Zugay-ARCH-2018
Carolyn Tate-VPA faculty
Greg Mayer-ENTX-2018
Abby Swingen-A&S faculty
Caleb Fisher
Radiation and Laser Safety Committee Paul Pare-CHEM-2020


Might be Non-Faculty Senators

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee

Phil Smith-ENTX (non-Faculty Senator)

Institutional Biosafety and Hazardous Materials Committee

update soon

Investigator Financial Disclosure Committee

Stephen Bayne-CE 2016

Institutional Laboratory Safety Committee

Dimtri Pappas (non-Faculty Senator) Chem-Biochem

Institutional Review Board

update soon

Radiation and Laser Safety Committee

update soon

Faculty Senate