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Title IX

20 USCA § 1681

Mandatory Reporting

A university violates Title IX if it has notice of sexual misconduct and fails to take immediate and effective action.


Whether an employee is a responsible employee or whether it would be reasonable for a student to believe the employee is will vary depending on various factors, including but not limited to: age, education level, position held by employee, procedures, etc.. (1)

What this means ... is that essentially all faculty and staff have a duty to inform central administration (Dean of Student's Office / Title IX Investigator) of any student report of sexual misconduct. This does not mean the student's name or other personally identifying information must be shared (as sometimes the student will request that the faculty/staff member not tell anyone of the report). Rather, by contacting one of the administrators listed in the Get Help section, a faculty/staff member can both satisfy the reporting/notice requirement as well as obtain information about remedies, resources, and university processes that he or she can then pass along to the student as a follow-up. In this way, faculty/staff can provide reluctant students with valuable information while still protecting the student's confidence, trust, and anonymity.  Alternatively, when students do wish to report, faculty and staff are instrumental in referring students to the administrators who can most effectively assist them.

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How to Spot Sexual Misconduct

The term Sexual Misconduct refers to ALL prohibited conduct of a sexual nature per the Texas Tech Student Code of Conduct. It is the broadest umbrella of sexually illicit behavior and encompasses the following more specific terminology.

The term Sexual Harassment is defined as "any unwelcome verbal, written, or physical conduct of a sexual nature that reasonably interferes with a student's educational experience."

The term Sexual Assault refers to both Non-consensual Sexual Contact and Non-consensual Sexual Intercourse.  

Sexual Misconduct FlowChart



(1)  Roach R., Smith G., Harrison V., National Association of College and University Attorneys. "Campus Response to Sexual Misconduct
          Through a Risk Management Lens."