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Student Resolution Center

The Student Resolution Center is a safe place to bring concerns and find solutions. College can present new challenges for students ranging from interpersonal misunderstandings to maneuvering academic or administrative processes. The Student Resolution Center coaches students on resources, processes, and skills to assist them during times of conflict.

Services Provided:

  • Conflict coaching
  • Mediation
  • Facilitation
  • Training

The Student Resolution Center deals with a wide range of conflicts, complaints, and disputes.


  • Policies and procedures (campus, college/school, or departmental)
  • Decisions or actions affecting groups or individuals
  • Grading issues
  • Interpersonal disputes
  • Unfair treatment

Our Address

Student Union Builing

Contact us at:

Becky Killgore, MBA
Assistant Director
Conflict Coach

Michael Henry, JD
Assistant Director
Title IX Investigator

Gloria Barron
Administrative Business Assistant

The Student Resolution Center can:

  • Identify and explain University processes and resources
  • Help develop skills in conflict resolution and problem solving
  • Assist during times of student crisis or distress,
  • Provide mediation and facilitation services for individuals and organizations
  • Present to departments and organizations on conflict resolution, sexual harassment, and other training sessions tailored to meet specific needs
  • Participate with you in inquiries related to sexual violence, harassment and discrimination

The Student Resolution Center Does:

  • Listen and discuss questions, concerns, and complaints
  • Help evaluate various options to address concerns
  • Answer questions or help find others who can
  • Explain University policies and procedures
  • Facilitate communication between people
  • Advise individuals about steps to resolve problems informally
  • Advise individuals about formal and administrative options
  • Mediate disputes to seek "win-win" resolution of problems
  • Make appropriate referrals when informal options don't work
  • Point out patterns of problems/complaints to administrators