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Guiding Principles

Neutrality, Objectivity, and Equal Access

The Student Resolution Center staff are neutral and impartial. We strive to treat people in a fair, objective, and impartial manner. Rather than advocating on behalf of particular individuals, the Student Resolution Center advocates for a fair, equitable process for all parties.

In practical terms this means that the conflict coach has no stake or personal ownership in the outcome of a conflict. The conflict coach gives each party an equal opportunity to express viewpoints and realte the facts.

The only circumstance where the conflict coach may move away from a neutral position is when all of the information points to an injustice, inequity, or serious error. In such a case, the Student Resolution Center becomes an advocate for resolution and fairness. Even then, the Student Resolution Center does not side with a particular party, but with the ideals of fairness and the goal of helping the parties achieve an equitable resolution.


The Student Resolution Center seeks to provide a safe reporting environment for students. Staff recognize that confidentiality is particularly important to victims of crime, survivors of sexual assault, and those experiencing harassing or discriminating behaviors. Students have a variety of reporting options available to them.

The Student Resolution Center keeps conversations confidential and seeks to protect the privacy of those seeking assistance. Information is shared with key staff members such as the Dean of Students/Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Students and only when absolutely necessary so that the University can offer resources and accommodations and, in some escalated situations, take action if necessary for reasons of safety. In planning any actions, the wishes of the student are given full consideration.