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Texas Tech University has various procedures for addressing written student complaints/grievances. Students may seek assistance from the Student Resolution Center as they go through a written complaint/grievance process. The Student Resolution Center helps students understand all of the steps of the process as well as what information they may want to include in their written complaint/grievance.

Academic Status Complaints

Policies and processes related to academic status are found in the Undergraduate/Graduate Academic Catalog as well as in the following:

Undergraduate students on academic suspension may appeal their academic status to the Associate Academic Dean of their Academic College for review of mitigating factors or the use of grade replacement to impact grade point average. Graduate students may appeal to the Graduate School for review.

Complaints Against Faculty (Non-Grading and Non-Discrimination)

Conduct of University Faculty is outlined in the following:

The processes for complaints against faculty are outlined in the policy and in the Undergraduate/Graduate Academic Catalog. Students should direct complaints to the supervisor of the department or organization housing the faculty member. Faculty complaint records are kept by the academic unit addressing the complaint such as the Department Chair or Associate Academic Dean within each academic college. The policies and processes related to complaints involving faculty are published annually in the Undergraduate/Graduate Academic Catalog.

Conduct Complaints Against Other Students and Student Organizations

The Code of Student Conduct outlines the process for filing a conduct complaint against a student or student organization is found in the following:

Part X, Section C Disciplinary Procedures outlines the process for filing a complaint and the investigation and hearing processes that would follow receipt of the complaint by the Office of Student Conduct. Student conduct complaints and records are maintained by the Office of Student Conduct for seven (7) years from the date of completion. The Student Handbook is published annually online.

Disability-Related Complaints/Grievances

Complaints/Grievances related to disabilities are guided by the following:

Students who are denied disability services or a specific accommodation should direct complaints to the ADA Campus Coordinator for Students and the Managing Director of Student Disability Services. Students should direct grievances related to disability to the Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs.

Grading Complaints

Student complaints regarding course grades are guided by the following:

Information about the Grade Appeal process is published annually online in the Student Handbook and Undergraduate/Graduate Academic Catalog. The Associate Academic Deans in each of the Academic Colleges are responsible for the administration of these processes and maintain the records associated with grade appeals.

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Graduate School Requirement Complaints

Graduate student complaints related to academic standing and performance follow processes outlined in the following:

The Graduate School oversees these complaint processes and maintains related records.

Housing Complaints

Housing regulations and processes are provided to students annually in the Housing Contract Guide, on the University Student Housing website, and online in the Student Handbook. University Student Housing oversees the resolution of complaints related to student housing.

Online and Distance Student Complaints

Students enrolled in distance learning courses utilize the same complaint procedures as students enrolled in traditional courses. In accordance with the Higher Education Opportunities Act of 2008, Texas Tech University provides a website related to enrollment in distributed education courses or programs and complaint processes for filing with the accrediting agency and other appropriate state agencies.

Parking Citation Complaints

Students with complaints related to parking or parking citations are directed to University Parking Services processes found online in the Student Handbook and on the University Parking Services website. Parking complaint and appeal records are maintained by University Parking Services.

Sexual Harassment and Discriminatory Harassment Complaints

This information identifies how to file a sexual harassment or other discriminatory harassment complaint against a student, faculty, or staff member. Specifically, the Student Handbook, Part III, Sections B and G outline to whom to report complaints, how to file complaints, and the process upon receipt of a complaint. Records related to sexual harassment and discriminatory harassment complaints from students are maintained by the Dean of Students/Title IX Deputy Coordinator in conjunction with the Equal Employment Office and Title IX Coordinator. They are maintained in an electronic database system for seven (7) years from the completion of the complaint process. The Student Handbook is published annually onlin.

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Student Employment Complaints

Students have access to complaint processes related to student employment at the University through the following:

A student with a complaint concerning issues arising from the employment relationship with the University follows a multi-step process to resolve on-the-job complaints in an atmosphere of mutual respect. A student first needs to contact his or her immediate supervisor or the person in charge of the employing department. If action is not taken to resolve the problem or if the employee is not satisfied with the supervisor’s response, the employee can submit a Statement of Employee Complaint Form. The complaint process includes an opportunity to appeal the supervisor’s decision to the second level supervisor and to request final review of the complaint by the appropriate vice president/dean. Human Resources may provide assistance in this process. Written records rated to the complaint process are maintained in the employee’s personnel file, which is overseen by Human Resources.

If a student has employment complaints that are based on unlawful discrimination or other violations of law, there is a separate complaint process available through the following:

The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity oversees grievance process and maintains records associated with these concerns.

Student Record Complaints & FERPA

Students have the right to challenge inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate records and information related to them. Policies and procedures are outlined in the following:

The Registrar’s Office provides oversight for student records and student record complaints. Additional information about academic records privacy is available on the Registrar website.

Tuition, Fee, and Financial Aid Complaints

Tuition, fee, and financial aid complaints are guided by Student Business Services and Student Financial Aid processes. Information is available on both department websites. Students with complaints related to tuition, fee, and financial aid may submit concerns through an online system that tracks issues and resolution. Incoming calls to either department are also tracked in this online system.

Other General Complaints

Students may seek assistance from the Student Resolution Center for any of the complaints/grievances listed above or any other complaints/grievances. The Student Resolution Center provides conflict coaching and dispute resolution services for all student-related concerns.

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