Texas Tech University

WildWind Performance Lab


Students participating in WildWind Performance Lab (WWPL) are immersed in a non-traditional and process-oriented developmental laboratory. WWPL concentrates much more on the dissecting and questioning the how rather than working on the what, the product; that's why we call it a lab, a place to experiment with what we know already and what we don't know.

Students' theatrical skills are challenged and develop in their primary discipline as well as across the entire theatrical spectrum. Students work with guest artists who work not as actors, directors, or designers, but as theatrical ambassadors, entrepreneurs, and storytellers. The guest artists help develop a student's artistic integrity in addition to techniques and methodologies.

The productions during WWPL should not be viewed as simply productions. Most academic theatre focuses on a four to six week production process in which a script is worked on solely to create a final product. WildWind is a process of exploration: a reaction to material, form, idea, and technique. There are performance aspects, but the process of exploration is far more valuable.

WWPL gives students an opportunity to learn and grow by encouraging a different point of view toward theatre: process over product, workshops over the classroom.

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Michael Legg
Montana Repertory Theatre

Jim Wren
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Kelly Quinnett
University of Idaho

Tony Wong
Hong Kong Performing Arts Academy

Rich Brown
Western Washington University

Brian Quijada
Actor and Playwright

Jesse Jou
Texas Tech University

Michele Vazquez
Williams Street Repertory in Chicago

Sarah Lunnie
Playwrights Horizons in New York

Jenni Page-White
Actors Theatre of Louisville

Skyler Gray
Victory Gardens

Ann Gillespie

Mathew Paul Olmos

Selina Fillinger

Emily Feldman
Jerome Fellow at the Playwright's Center in Minneapolis