Texas Tech University

Academic Checklist

School of Art, School of Music, School of Theatre & Dance, Interdisciplinary Arts

This list is put together with the assumption that you have been admitted into Texas Tech University. Some majors in our college require admission into specific programs. Admission to Texas Tech University does not guarantee admission to the programs.

  1. Make sure that the major you have selected is the one listed on your records at Texas Tech University. If not, contact the college advisor to find out how to change your major.
  2. If you are not admitted into the college in which the major is located, see the new college for an academic transfer. If you are in the correct college but the wrong major, see your college advisor for a change of major.
    Meet with your academic advisor. Maintain contact with this individual, as you will be working with them every semester.
  3. Obtain a checklist of the required courses for your major and area of study.
  4. Be sure to attend class!!
  5. Do not overload your schedule with classes and work.
  6. Find out about the student organizations for your major. These will be helpful throughout your college career.
  7. Each semester, check for any holds on your records prior to your registration date. These must be cleared before you can register.
  8. Be sure to meet with your academic advisor each semester. An academic hold will be placed on your records. This requires you to meet with your advisor to check your progress toward your degree requirements.
  9. Once you have completed 30 hours, you will need to file a degree plan with the college. You will meet with your academic advisor, who will complete the degree plan. Bring the completed degree plan to the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts (Room 203 Holden Hall).
  10. When you file your degree plan, you will be asked to file your Intent to Graduate. This is required at least one full year prior to graduation. We ask that you complete this form at the same time as your degree plan.
  11. Please check your Degree Works audit as this is the program the University uses for degree completion.
  12. If any information changes on your Intent to Graduate, you will need to contact the college advisor. The information is entered into a database, and important pre-graduation letters are sent from this system. You also need to change the information in the MyTech system.
  13. Be sure to contact your area advisor or your college advisor if you have questions. We are here to help you.

College Advisor:

Aaron Chavarria
Assistant Director for Student Success
Holden Hall
Rm 203

School Advisors:

School of Art

Bulmaro Cruz
Senior Academic Advisor for Undergraduate Students
Art 102-B

School of Music

Linda Gregston
Rm 221

School of Theatre & Dance

Abed Monawar
Maedgen Theatre Room 256